A 5-Step Sign Up Strategy

How you run your dance classes is up to you; you might want to operate on a pay-per-session basis, where people can drop in whenever they like, pay their admission fee and workout – no strings attached. However, many dance instructors prefer the continuity and security of a membership structure with members signing up for a number of sessions or on a yearly basis.

If you are in the latter camp, here are seven tips for securing those bookings.

1.       Consider registration fees

You may want to purely charge for each session to keep your costs down. On the other hand, charging a registration fee will help you with cash flow and also give you a powerful bargaining tool. By agreeing to waive registration fees in return for signing up by a particular date, renewing membership or finding a friend, you can easily create extra value.

2.       Everybody loves a freebie

There’s no two ways about it. Giving something away for free will always create more interest in any product or service. The sky’s your limit when choosing a giveaway, from intangibles such as waived registration fees or discounted sessions to tee-shirts, kit bags, shoes and wristbands. Anything you do give away will ideally have your details on them, but please remember that you are not allowed to put the Street Fit logo on clothing without our permission (refer to your branding guidelines).

3.       Trial classes

No matter how detailed your website or leaflet, there is no substitute to attending a Street Fit class if you want to get a feel of what to expect. By attending a free trial class, your prospective members can meet you, see how you teach, ask any questions they have and generally experience the reality of a Street Fit workout. A trial class is the ideal platform for collecting registrations, particularly if you are offering freebie giveaways and special offers.

4.       Get out and about

Study your local media and you will find that there are all sorts of community and charity events ongoing at any time of the year. Offering your time to a worthwhile cause, whether a hospice fundraiser or school PTA event, is not only beneficial for its own sake, it will also get your name known in the local area. Of course you will need to be selective about what events to support; you want to reach your target market after all.

5.       Make it easy to register

If you have a website, make it easy for people to register (and if possible pay) online. Put an online form in plain sight and in a logical place, and use as few fields as you think you need. Once the commitment has been made, more detailed information can always be requested on a follow-up paper form.  If you have a telephone number, try to make sure you are available as much as possible; an answering service is the minimum that your customers will expect.

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