5 Ways to Fear-Free Marketing

We have got plenty of marketing tips to give you to help you establish your Street Fit® class in your area, everything from researching and analysing your market and attracting new customers, to building customer loyalty and promoting yourself online

But sometimes, the barriers to effective marketing are not to be found in the outside world, but in your own mind. If you find your efforts thwarted by unwelcome thoughts and feelings, then this message is for you.

1.       Challenge your unhelpful thoughtsWhen you are lacking in self-confidence, you will often find yourself wrapped up in thoughts of failure and inadequacy.  To nip these destructive thought patterns in the bud you will need to start challenging the accuracy of these thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. One way to do this is to follow each train of thought to both a best and worst case scenario. You will probably find that the benefits of taking action far outweigh any potential risks.

2.       Don’t compare!The way you run your Street Fit® class is as unique as you are, but it can be difficult to fully appreciate your own strengths if you compare yourself to other people. While it is always good to draw inspiration and knowledge from others, avoid the temptation to judge yourself by their standards. It is more important to be yourself and to keep on developing as a dancer and teacher.

3.       Do something!Marketing yourself and your classes can be scary, but the best way to conquer those fears is to just go ahead and do something. Taking action will immediately direct that nervous energy into a constructive goal, and success breeds confidence and further successes.

4.       Be PreparedFear of the unknown can hold us back from trying new things, so the more knowledge we can arm ourselves with, the better. For example, if you are due to speak to a gym owner, enlist the help of a supportive friend and practise a role-playing scenario. Anticipate likely questions and prepare some standard answers.

5.       Enjoy the AdventureOn the other hand, no matter how well-prepared you are, life is never completely predictable. Try not to get too hung-up on goals and targets; opportunities can arise from the least expected direction, so be attuned to what is going on around you. Let go of the outcome and enjoy the ride; after all, Street Fit® is all about creativity and freedom.


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