Street Fit® Course FAQ

If you like what you’ve seen, read or heard so far, you’re probably burning with questions. Read on to find out if Street Fit® is for you, and for a rundown of what to expect at your Street Fit® Instructors’ Course.

The Street Fit® Instructor Training Day

Before we tell you all about what Street Fit® will give you, we need to make sure that you understand exactly what we are not offering. Unlike some of our competitors, we aren’t in the business of throwing a few basic, generic moves to music and calling it a dance movement. Street Fit® is not a means of jumping onto a cool trend and fighting for a share of the spoils. Consequently, we are unable to boast 99 per cent pass rates, although the majority of those who book our course do come through with flying colours.

Instructor Course Faqs


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Street Fit® brings you Street Dance Fitness®, a considerable body of fitness and dance knowledge and high calibre teaching techniques. We fuse these together in a unique and effective Hip Hop Workout® designed to help people achieve their fitness goals while having fun, as they learn to perform the latest street dance moves. We are determined to be an industry leader, our brand synonymous with quality at all levels.

Who Can Attend?

The Street Fit Instructor Course is ideal for anyone 18 years and over looking to start their own Street Dance Fitness business, currently we have a mixture of instructors from diverse backgrounds including Exercise to Music Instructors, Performing Arts Graduates, Street Dancers, Group Exercise Instructors, Freelance Dance Teachers, Choreographers, Gym Instructors, Personal Fitness Instructors and other dance fitness teachers and trainers.

Anyone 18 years and over with basic dance experience is welcome to attend our become an instructor course.