Become A Licensed Street Fit® Street Dance Fitness® Instructor

Choreograph Your Life – With Street Fit

What’s the best dance routine you can remember watching? Why was it so special? Did the movement seem effortless, beautiful in its simplicity, the perfect blend of rhythm, movement and style?

Have you ever wished that life could be like that? Imagine, waking up in the morning, throwing back the curtains and breathing in the morning air, knowing that your day is going to be completely in your hands.

You spend the day doing what you love: perfecting your technique, honing your body, learning the latest street dance moves.  In the evening you meet up with your class of pumped-up students, ready and eager for their hour of dynamic, fat-burning fun.


What Would it Take To Achieve a Life Like That?

Well, if you love dance and you love fitness – surprisingly little. Join the Street Fit family and, before long, you could easily be netting in excess of £20,000 a year doing what you love.

Street Fit is a vibrant blend of edgy street dance and high-energy fitness. It’s for those who don’t stand around and let life pass them by. It’s about being in the now and letting your body do the talking. It’s about making a difference to the lives of others and promoting a love of exercise. And enjoying the ride!  If this sounds like you then we want to hear from you.

Street Fit is the first certified Street Dance Fitness® program of its kind in the UK. And right now, the interest in Street Dance Fitness® is gathering pace, with classes springing up in cities and towns across the UK. How long before someone sets one up in your back yard?

Shouldn’t That Someone Be You?

When we invest in the best we want to protect our assets – that means you. That’s why the Street Fit program can only be taught by licensed Street Dance Fitness® Instructors.  After all, why should you go to the effort to attend our course just to have another wannabe steal your show?

Who knows how many people are reading this page and weighing up their options right now? Be the first one in your area to make the move; after all, what have you got to lose? Street dance is all about keeping up with the beat and, believe us, you don’t want to be out of step on this one.

We Put The Sugar In The Medicine

Remember when you went to the doctor as a child for your injections? To stop you crying, he or she gave you an incentive (maybe a sugar cube or a sticker). It’s the same with fitness: we all know we should work out more and we all intend to do it but the idea of working out seems too much like hard work. In today’s Britain, being a fitness instructor is not enough to fill classes.

streetfit body

Yet people are crying out to find ways to keep fit and street dance provides the sugar cube. When the people in your area realise that you are offering them the chance to lose weight without even realising it (up to 600 calories in a 60 minute session), you might just need to put up your prices to match the demand. In fact, statistics show that adding a fitness element can increase membership of a dance class by 40 per cent.

We Do The Work; You Just Do The Dancing!

You may be a dance fitness instructor, or just a passionate dancer – you’re probably not a marketing expert. We wouldn’t expect you to be; that’s what we’re here for. When you become a Street Fit® Instructor, you will have privileged access to a powerful branded product that is simple to teach and can be tailored to your own unique style.

Your First Step: The Street Fit Instructor Dance Training Course?

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘what a difference a day makes.’

We know you want to get on with your life, which is why we’ve condensed everything you need to know about Street Fit into a single day long Instructor Training Course. To book your place, simply click register now to your chosen course then fill out your details at foot of this page.

There are no pre-requisites to becoming a Street Fit (Street Dance Fitness®) Instructor, although a fitness or dance background is always a plus! Anybody 18 years or older may attend a Street Fit Course.

On successful completion of the course we will issue you with your licence – it’s as simple as that. You will also receive the resources you will need to promote and manage your class.

Think of It As Your Dance Fitness Training Complete Career-Start Package!

Once you have taken the one-day Street Fit Instructor Training you are allowed to teach Street Fit, use the “Street Fit” name in your class title and call yourself a Street Fit Instructor, setting up your Street Dance Fitness® class at any facility you choose. This can be a gym, dance studio or your own studio.

With Street Fit you can work part time or full time, setting the hours and venues that suit you, and you can be fully trained & licensed for as little as £199.50 including VAT! That is a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a dance fitness franchise of this calibre (by the way a typical franchise can set you back £1,500 – £60,000).

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