The Benefits to Your Organisation

Regardless of whether you run a gym, dance school, dance studio or fitness club, as a responsible employer, you will want to invest in the development of your instructors. By becoming fully certified Street Fit® Instructors, your employees will be licensed to use the Street Fit® name, and high quality Street Fit® promotional videos and marketing materials, and to teach the Street Fit® Hip Hop Workout® in your venue.

Street Fit® SGT is perfect for those individuals who would like to become street dance instructors but are unsure of their ability to master the techniques and choreography in a large group setting. The format is identical to the standard Street Fit® Instructors’ Training Course, featuring master classes and detailed breakdown of the individual workouts, but each participant will benefit from the individual attention and personalised feedback from experienced Street Fit® Trainers.

Our Street Fit® Trainers have passed through an enhanced training programme, and can deliver:

Advice on teaching techniques, including cueing, the use of half-tempo and layering

Effective routines that provide multiple fitness benefits to class members

Tips on correct technique and form to maximise benefits

Advice on how to practise safely and prevent injury

Guidance on setting and reaching goals

Tips on creating engaging choreography

As a club, if you can offer street dance as part of your portfolio, you will attract a new, motivated, young segment of the market to your premises, increasing your profile in the area. We anticipate that the Street Fit® brand will quickly become established as the golden standard in street dance fitness provision.

The Street Fit® SGT is also the ideal environment for the promotion of team-building and group bonding between your employees. The physical, technical and motivational benefits of taking part in a successful Street Fit® SGT program will filter through to other areas of your organisation.