Refer a Friend & Get Paid £25 Every Single Time!

Even if you’re not interested in becoming a Street Fit Instructor yourself, there’s another way you can make some residual income – or in some cases some serious money.

As long as you’re passionate about dance and fitness, are enthusiastic about the Street Fit brand and have the contacts or the personality to spread the word, there’s a place here for you.

Perhaps you own a gym or a dance studio or are otherwise involved in the dance and fitness industry. Maybe you have experience in the sales and marketing industry and can appreciate the potential of the Street Fit program.

Even if you have no industry experience of any kind you can still become a successful Street Fit Agent. If you’re naturally a sociable person, share our love of dance and fitness and feel confident you can persuade your friends to get excited about Street Fit, then you have the foundation to be a great Street Fit Agent.

Or you may have a significant social media presence and know how to get the word out via the World Wide Web. Whatever your skills or background, by combining our marketing expertise and tools, including high resolution.

No costs; pure profit

There’s no investment to be made and absolutely nothing to lose from becoming a Street Fit Agent. Simply register and start talking to people, you earn commission on the course fees of anyone who takes a place on a Street Fit Instructor Training Course. As long as they remember to quote your name.

The benefits to us are obvious. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds on advertising methods to companies who don’t share our vision, we prefer to pay our own motivated Agents to promote Street Fit to others.

You are in charge of your own earning potential so instead of working to make others wealthy, all the money you earn goes straight into your pocket. The harder you work and the more people you talk to, the greater your chances of success.

Please Note: If you refer someone who has used any of our offers a different sum will be paid to you, £25 referral fee is based on the person paying full price for a course with no offers used.

Our Agents are our marketing and sales force? If becoming a Street Fit Agent appeals to you, please contact us today. Simply fill out the contact form below or give us a call on 0800 689 9909.