Why Street Dance – Why Street Fit®?

From the wide range of dance styles that have been incorporated into the growing dance fitness phenomena, street dance has emerged as the style of choice for many of today’s hip-hop hungry youngsters, not to mention those older dancers who have been wowed by high profile dance troupes on mainstream TV (Diversity, Flawless, etc.).

Street Fit® have harnessed this increasing trend by blending ‘real’ street dance with fitness as a step up from and alternative to the contrived aerobics/ETM based alternatives on the market. We embrace the ‘fitness is fun’ concept but add a healthy dose of serious, cutting edge dance.

The unique Street Fit® Hip Hop Workout® delivers wide-ranging benefits, including:

Increased cardiovascular fitness

Better health and general wellbeing

More energy

Stronger, more toned muscles

Improved balance and flexibility

Enhanced weight loss

Why Small Group Training?

If you were present at the 2012 FitPro Convention, you will have heard that this year is all about SGT (Small Group Training), and there are many advantages to the small group format:

Working in small groups of either 3 to 5 or 10, participants can benefit from the close supervision of a licensed Street Fit® Trainer, while saving money on private one-to-one sessions. Following a preliminary consultation, we can identify your instructors’ specific goals and tailor our program to suit, offering far greater flexibility than the traditional large group format.

All instructors are different, and develop at different speeds, and our Street Fit® Trainers will offer a personally-tailored exercise program to meet their specific needs. By taking the time to focus on small details, Street Fit® Trainers will, in many cases, help instructors to progress faster towards their goals.

Small groups also foster camaraderie between members, who experience greater bonding and support than in large group. The security of having close personal attention from a skilled Street Fit® Trainer often helps instructors to feel more confident, rather than fearing they will get ‘lost’ in a room full of strangers.