Being Your Own Boss: 8 Ways to Cope

Becoming your own Street Dance Fitness boss gives you more control over your life, your goals, your time and your schedule than being an employee, but when your Street Dance Fitness business becomes your life, it can be overwhelming at times. In particular, the frustration of not meeting your goals can be very tiring, and the weight of responsibility, especially if you have a family to support, can ramp up stress levels.

If you find life at the helm a struggle sometimes, don’t despair. Here are a few ways you can ease the burden:

1.    Get an extra pair of hands.

Do you have to do it all alone? Depending on your business, it may be possible to team up with someone else, another Dance Fitness instructor, either more or less experienced. If you can work alongside someone who has been in the industry for longer than you, you will have the bonus of being able to pick their brains and learn how they go about things.

2.    Reward yourself

When you work for yourself there is no boss who can reward your good work with a slap-up meal or a social evening, so you will need to do it yourself. Everyone needs to spice the hard work with a little enjoyment now and then, and the bonus is that you get to pick the venue, the activities and the company.

3.    Make time for a hobby

No-one should be a one-trick pony, so make sure you devote time to at least one hobby – no matter how much you love your job. A hobby can be a refuge from the day-to-day pressure of the business and help you to relax, take your mind off things and express other facets of your personality.

4.    Balance your life

One of the main challenges for many self-employed Dance Fitness Instructor is successfully dividing work time from home time. When you work to someone else’s schedule there are usually clear start and finish times, but when you work for yourself it can be tempting to do too much. Try creating a structure for your work day that you try to stick to as much as possible. This shouldn’t be too rigid (everybody has to do overtime sometimes), but it will at least serve as a model of best practice.

5.    Keep on learning

Learning new things will not only improve your skills, it will also add variety and interest to your working life. If you are a Dance Fitness Instructor, try learning a new style and then incorporating it into some fresh Dance Training Choreography. Attend seminars, set up Google Alerts and subscribe to online and/or offline industry publications. Aim to learn something new every day, and don’t forget to keep educating yourself about business itself.

6.    Be patient with yourself

The desire to succeed can make you want to rush through strategies that aren’t ready to deliver. Sometimes it takes a while for actions to bear fruit, so learn to take a step back sometimes.

7.    Find a confidant

The benefit of having someone else you can voice your ideas and worries to should not be underestimated. Not only will it help you clear your mind, and shed light on your concerns, you may end up coming up with novel solutions. The best person to have as a confidant is someone you can talk to but whose security is not affected by your success. Your partner may not be the best candidate, since they may have worries of their own that cloud their objectivity.

8.    Join (or create) a network

Check your local listings or search the internet for groups and associations related to your industry.  If one doesn’t exist, consider contacting other businesses and individuals in your area to club together and form one of your own. Failing that, join your local chamber of commerce/board of trade, a business network that supports businesses of all kinds. If you are a Street Fit® Instructor, Street Fit® Membership can put you in touch with a 24/7 source of peer support where you can get access to tips, advice and moral support.

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