Can ETM Really Deliver the Goods?

Although you don’t need any previous training to become a Street Fit Instructor, many looking for success in the dance fitness market start off by taking an aerobics or ETM (Exercise to Music) instructor’s course. This is by no means a bad thing: a decent ETM course will teach students how to work to the beat and phrase of the music and how to deliver instructions clearly, foundational skills in any dance fitness career. An ETM qualification will be sufficient for many instructors to find work, either with a gym or health club or as a freelancer. But is ETM certification enough to rise to the top of the fitness market in your area?

Good just doesn’t cut it!

ETM certification means you’re good at what you do, but unfortunately ‘good’ just isn’t good enough in today’s competitive marketplace. With 6,690 ETM instructors in the UK (as of Feb 2012, according to REPS), you are likely to be up against both established freelancers and those instructors employed by the fitness industry giants, all offering variations on aerobic routines as they fight for the biggest slice of the fitness pie. Some instructors try to gain the advantage by amassing more and more (expensive) modules under the guise of continuing professional development, believing that a broader skill base will give them the edge.

One downside with this approach is that potential members may get confused as to exactly what is being offered to them. Unsure of what to expect, they may just settle for the instructor who has the longest list of qualifications – and there’s always someone with a longer list than yours. What’s more, with so many avenues to explore, you might lose touch with what you really want from your career.

A class of your own

To stand out from the crowd you need to be seen to be doing something different – and doing it exceptionally well. By becoming a Street Fit® instructor you can finally concentrate on one, powerful discipline and focus all your energy on developing your core competencies. With a high level of commitment, and the support Street Fit® provides, you will soon start becoming an expert in your field giving you immense job satisfaction. Customers will know exactly what your classes are offering them.

Hip-hop’s where it’s at

In a congested marketplace full of fitness professionals giving customers what they’ve got, you have a golden opportunity to be the first in your area to give customers what they want. From awesome street crews performing on TV to sexy dance divas on MTV, hip-hop is captivating the nation and Street Fit® instructors throughout the UK are getting ready to hit the ground running and benefit from this surge in popularity.

If you think it’s time you stopped dipping your toes in the fitpro pool and got serious about your career, perhaps you should join them.

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