Hip Hop Tots Launch: Press Release


For parents looking for a fun, constructive way to entertain pre-school children; dance instructors with a few spare hours in the mornings or children’s centres, hungry for fresh inspiration, watch this space! There is something special on its way…

From October 2015, Flexi, Robo and Flipz, aka the Hip Hop Tots® will be out and about, busting their moves to the beat and proving that it is possible to be both cool and cute.

hip hop tots

Hip Hop Tots® is designed for children aged 18 months to 6 years, and is much more than ‘just another pre-school dance class.’ By blending ultra-cool hip hop dance with music, storytelling and fun props, there is nothing quite like a Hip Hop Tots® experience.

Friendly and enthusiastic class instructors focus on providing a fully-rounded experience, engaging with young children’s innate sense of fun and play while promoting valuable life-affirming skills such as body awareness, self-confidence and creativity. Most important of all, by making movement fun and exciting, Hip Hop Tots® work to instil a lifelong love of keeping active. It’s the best cure for obesity there is – namely prevention!

HipHop Tots® believe that many currently available pre-school dance-based activities, for example those based around jazz or ballet, are too rigid and structured, working against children’s natural creative instincts and making movement seem like hard work. That’s why Hip Hop Tots® are firmly focused on fun first; technical perfection can come later! And unlike similar learn-by-play brands, Hip Hop Tots® appeals to both boys and girls, regardless of their economic and social background.

Hip Hop Tots® have also made it easy for suitably qualified dance teachers to get up and running with the programme, providing instructor training and a licence rather than a restrictive and expensive franchise. And whereas competing brands often appeal to a narrow section of the pre-school market with a popularity that can vary with the seasons, Hip Hop Tots® taps into the insanely popular hip-hop and street dance trends, supplying a healthy stream of eager to learn pre-schoolers throughout the year.

Hip Hop Tots®, through classes and children’s parties, also provide a unique way for children to meet new friends, learn social skills and get prepared for the journey into school itself, while parents are welcomed to participate in some activities (where they will get to know new people too).

As for children’s centres, nurseries and holiday resorts, incorporating Hip Hop Tots® adds an instant child-friendly welcome to attract more parents and refresh and invigorate a tired events calendar.

For more information, contact Street Fit on 0207 859 4791 or email hello@streetfit.tv

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Street Fit Course Gradutes 1st March 2015

Say hello to the latest members of the Street Fit® Family, who completed the course in London‬ on the 1st of March.

We hoped you enjoyed it (Names Below)

Margaret Gibney
Corinne Samuels
Natasha Graul
Zouhaier Jlassi
Clare Stringer
Dana Touviano


DO NOT wait until the start of APRIL 2015 to attend a training course; as this may be TOO LATE. By this time, those people acting on their New Year’s resolutions will have found a class.

MANCHESTER, , LONDON PINEAPPLE & BIRMINGHAM – at HOT locations, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Did you know Street Fit® is available via e-Learning in Hong Kong, USA, Australia, Japan and EU?

NEW Dates Below, Can’t Make It? Try e-Learning

March 15th (Sun) – Manchester (11 Places Left)
March 29th (Sun) – Birmingham (15 Spaces Left)
April 12th (Sun) – London (9 Spaces Left)
April 26th (Sun) – Bristol (15 Spaces Left

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Street Fit®s Newest Family Members Manchester

After the festive break and New Year. StreetFit® Instructor course was back in action at Manchester creating 7 new, highly trained StreetFit® instructors, allowing them to spread the revolution of Street Dance with their own personal passion and style.

Each Instructor took to the Studio and learnt the essence of teaching, being verbal and visual allowing dance steps and choreography to be easily learnt by their own students.

Each StreetFit® instructor can now teach in gyms, studios and even the streets with the StreetFit® Brand REPs level 4 fitness certification.

So if you need to burn of the excess calories from your festive break or uphold your new years resolution, head on down to a class near you and try a fat burning routine.

If you want to teach a revolutionary fat burning street dance routine join the StreetFit® family, and be allowed to teach Street Dance Fitness® classes anywhere in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Japan simply logo on www.streetfit.tv/become-instructor

Congratulations to the newest members of the StreetFit® Team! Enjoy Teaching what you LOVE!

Welcome to The Street Fit Family

We had an AMAZING Street Fit Training Day in Birmingham on Sunday 10th Nov!

Say hello to the latest members of the SF Family!

  • Kirsty Tubb
  • Katie Potter
  • Rachel Newlands
  • Monique King
  • Sarah Dawson
  • Joe Salmon
  • Chardine Roberts
  • Tina McManus
  • Adele Dewell


DO NOT wait until the start of JANUARY 2014 to attend a dance fitness training course; as this may be TOO LATE. By this time, those people acting on their New Year’s resolutions will have found a class.

GLASGOW, LONDON PINEAPPLE & MANCHESTER, BIRMINGHAM – at HOT locations, so book early to avoid disappointment.


London Pineapple (Sun) 17th November

  • Belfast (Sun) 24th November
  • Glasgow (Sun) 1st December
  • London Pineapple (Sun) 8th December
  • Manchester (Sun) 12th January 2014
  • London Pineapple (Sun) 19th January 2014
  • Bristol (Sun) 26th January 2014
  • Glasgow (Sun) 26th January 2014

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Dance Class Marketing in the New Economy

Marketing your street dance fitness class in a time of economic uncertainty will require you to plan very carefully. When people are jittery about the future, they are more hesitant in parting with their hard-earned cash, and will need convincing that they can’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Use Free Platforms – and Over-Deliver

Nothing in business is truly for free, but using social media has to be the lowest cost alternative to paid advertising that exists (with the exception of free word of mouth promotion).

So make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or whatever other platforms you’ve signed up for by packing them with as much content as your time allows. Why? Because if there’s one sure thing to say about your customers, it’s that they will have questions. Whether they want to know what colour the dance floor is, how many people are in your dance fitness training class or what your phone number is they should be able to find the information quickly and easily. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in front of them, they might check out the competition’s page – or the moment to take action might just pass them by.

If you do decide to look into paid advertising, whether online or out in the local community, be very careful with how you spend your money. Ad sales people can be very persuasive (that’s their job), but you need to know that you are paying a good price to reach the right people, in the right area, in sufficient numbers.

Try to find out how many of your dance fitness certification ads will be circulated, where they will be seen and who they will be targeted at. A well-placed ad can repay its value several times over but may cost slightly more than a cheaper ad that doesn’t fit your needs.

Have you really checked out the competition?

Before you can sell your street dance training certification classes to prospective customers, you have to know exactly what it is those customers want – and offer it to them.

Sounds simple, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring yourself only against the dance studio across town while completely missing the fact that all your potential students are enjoying the free ‘swim and dine’ offer at the local pool, or bulk ordering supplements from the new health shop promoting the latest diet craze from America.

Try to broaden your idea of what a competitor is. In reality, it is anything that competes for your members’ time – even (and perhaps especially) free activities such as going to the beach or sitting on the sofa watching CSI.

Next, jot down a list of advantages and disadvantages between you dance fitness course and your competition. Once you have done that you will have a clearer picture of the benefits you can highlight, while seeking to compensate for – or at least minimise – your challenges. For example, you might find that you can make up for a lack of car parking space by tweaking your class times to fit in with a low-price bus service.

By performing this exercise, you won’t be wasting time and money promoting factors that your target market are just not interested in.

Get Out in the Community

As mentioned earlier, free word of mouth publicity is gold dust in marketing, and you can do a lot to help get the message out there without spending a penny. First, by providing first class customer service and answering queries promptly you will increase the chances of members talking positively about your street dance training class and even recommending you to their friends and family.

Really get to know your members and find out what they do for a living and what their close relatives do. There may be opportunities for cross-promotion right under your nose.

Look at what’s going on in your community (fairs, sporting events, charity functions, etc.) and get involved, your Local Authority website is a good place to get started as well as your local newspaper. If you are qualified to provide dance fitness for kids – Street Fit Kids® classes you might consider providing a prize of a free dance fitness class for your local school fair raffle. Or you could perform a demonstration at a sporting event and get the audience to join in.

Whatever you decide to do, by making sure you spend your money wisely, you will increase the chances that people will invest their limited funds in a Street Fit® future with you!

Dance Fitness Training – Join The Street Fit Family

A big well done to everyone who attended another successful dance instructor course in London this weekend with our dance fitness trainer Geri.

These are the names below:

  • Courtney Box
  • Abigail Steed
  • Katie Collins
  • Sarah Beaumont
  • Natalie Higgins
  • Stacey Evans
  • Claire Norman
  • Liv Oistad
  • Marianna Sokhan

Dare to dream big and change your life today by booking onto a dance training course, once you’ve got your dance training certification these are just some of the amazing benefits you can hope to see:

– You can earn extra money
– You can be your own boss
– You can improve your confidence and stay in Killer Shape!
– And…You can help people…Have a lot of Fun, Feel More Confident, and Get in Shape.

Next weekend Street Fit heads to Manchester for another great dance training course! Don’t miss out, book YOUR place today and earn your dance training certification.

Break the Routine – for Good!

Sometimes we get so used to the daily routine that it can become almost invisible. Then when we return from a holiday – or even a long weekend – we remember how restricting it is to have to get up early in the morning, travel to our place of work or study, put in a day’s shift and then travel back again. If we’re lucky, we might have enough energy left in us to spend an hour or two doing something we enjoy such as a Dance Fitness class before repeating the pattern the next day – and the next.

Have we got it the wrong way around? Yes, we all need to make a living, but sometimes we get so used to thinking of our ‘job’ and our ‘hobbies’ as separate things that we forget to look for opportunities such as becoming a Dance Fitness Instructor to combine the two. After all, a mixture of talent and intense interest makes for a potent force, one that can be harnessed to bring success.

One thing that can put people off turning their talent into a full-time career is that they can’t get used to thinking of themselves as business people. Perhaps they imagine all business owners to be shrewd number crunchers or suave diplomats and they feel they don’t measure up. In reality, there are all sorts of personality types striking out on their own, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

To start out on the road to a rewarding career in the dance fitness industry, you don’t need to drastically transform yourself into the next Sir Alan Sugar or Deborah Meadon. You only need to add a few essential business skills (like planning, basic book-keeping, marketing and time management) to the skills and dedication you already have, the rest will come with experience. By the time you need to be thinking about complicated accounting, computer databases and the like you will probably be earning enough to employ an accountant or administrator.

How quickly you make the transition from employed hobbyist to self-employed business boss depends on your personal circumstances (how many hours you work, family commitments, financial status, etc.) but by making wise choices with how you spend your time and money (e.g. booking a day off work and investing the £285 to get your Street Fit® Dance Fitness Licence), you can start taking the little steps that will one day put you in the enviable position of being able to ditch the routine once and for all.

Join The Street Fit Family

This weekend we had two Street Dance Fitness Training courses running simultaneously, one in Essex and one in Leeds. One of newest trainers Syreeta headed over to Essex to put some new recruits through their paces and show them what it takes to be Street Fit.

Syreeta attended a Street Fit Dance Fitness course back in January of this year, fast forward to today and Syreeta has been all over the country including heading to Belfast, training the next group of Street Fit instructors who are just like you. Why wait, join the Street Fit family today and this could be you? Don’t put it off till tomorrow; if Street Dance is what you love, then change your life today. As Street Fit continues to grow and conquer Europe and we’re looking further afield to Australia, we will need more Street Dance Fitness trainers to help us in our journey, this could be you.

Take the first step like Syreeta has and our newest recruits in Essex did this weekend and join the Street Fit family today.

Street Fit® – The Newest Recruits

Another very successful Street Dance Fitness course this weekend in Leeds saw 8 fresh faces join the Street Fit family. Nicola, one our seasoned Street Dance trainer went to Leeds to put the newest recruits through their paces.

The course had 100% pass rate with great feedback all around, the Street Fit takeover continues with Street Dance Fitness courses running up and down the country every weekend.

Street Fit is building up momentum and this is the best time to get involved, get that summer body you’ve always wanted, be your own boss, love what you do and do what you love. All this could be possible, all you have to do is take the first step and attend a Street Dance Instructor course today.

Welcome to The Street Fit Family

A massive congratulations to all the newest members of our Street Fit® family who attended our Street Dance Fitness course this weekend in Manchester! We received a lot of great feedback, such as how well the course was ran and how informative, helpful and inclusive the entire Street Dance Course was.

A big positive taken from the day was the amount of diverse dance instructors from different dance backgrounds with a wide range of varying ages, shapes and sizes. The array of instructors is always a testament to the street dance fitness course, with instructors boosting 25 years of experience in the Dance Fitness Industry to a brave entrepreneurial 18 year old who is just starting out.

It’s fantastic to see so many of our instructors taking the smart decision to invest in our SF Kids Licence, adding another sting to their bow and increasing earning potential no end. Many of our instructors are using the SF Kids brand in innovative ways to open doors that before they couldn’t by offering services such as –

– Kids Parties

– Working within Schools – Offering alternatives to PE lessons

– After school dance fitness classes

The Street Fit Instructor course is ideal for anyone 18 years and over looking to start their own street dance fitness business, currently we have a mixture of instructors from diverse backgrounds including Exercise to Music Instructors, Performing Arts Graduates, Street Dancers, Group Exercise Instructors, Freelance Dance Teachers, Choreographers, Gym Instructors, Personal Fitness Instructors and other dance fitness teachers and trainers.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Street Fit Family? Stop saying tomorrow, stop wishing for it – Make the change today and Become A Street Fit Instructor