Give the Gift of Hope With Street Fit®

There are so many benefits of becoming a Street Fit Instructor, and it is natural to focus on what we can personally gain from attending the course and obtaining a licence – enhanced fitness, a body to envy, increased energy, better health and, of course, increased earning potential.

But in addition to these personal benefits, becoming a Street Fit® Instructor also allows you to do something very special: give the gift of hope to others.

Hope for Better Health

Many people looking to take up fitness classes do so because they are unhappy about certain aspects of their health. They might be lacking in energy or stamina, carrying a few extra pounds or just generally feeling out of shape.

When they start experiencing results from their Hip Hop Workout® their whole life outlook can start to change dramatically. As their energy levels rise, they will feel more empowered to achieve the things they want in life. Maybe that job or promotion they never had the confidence to go for becomes that bit more appealing.

Hope for Fulfilling Relationships

Single members who feel unfit and out of shape may have avoided dating, or even going out at all, because they see themselves as unattractive. Along with the improvements in health and vitality, Street Fit® members will develop more trust and confidence in their own bodies which will make them more attractive to potential partners! We are social creatures, and some people might join a Street Fit® class to meet other people with a similar interest. The bonds that develop in a Street Fit® class can lift people out of loneliness and enrich their social life.

Hope for a New Life

Some people who attend a Street Fit® class will themselves have aspirations to become instructors one day.  The benefits you enjoy – both in terms of lifestyle and health – will serve as inspiration for them. By following your own dreams and defying convention, you give others the permission to do the same.

Hope for the Future

One of the greatest gifts anyone can give to society is to coach the younger generation into valuing their health and upgrading their expectations in life. A Street Fit Kids® Licence enables Street Fit® Members to take their message of optimism and hope to where it matters most – our schools and young people’s institutions.

Encouraging Hope in your Class

To be a successful Street Fit Instructor, you will need to instil hope from the top down. In other words, it’s up to you to set the social and emotional tone of your class. You can do this by being attentive and patient to your class members and encouraging them when they overcome hurdles or exceed expectations. Remember – you are a role model, and your members will be sensitive to any praise or criticism that comes from you.

Reaching your personal goals is rewarding in its own right. But there’s no better feeling than being able to reach back and help others achieve their dreams too.

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