Give Your Dance Class the Personal Touch

With all the time and effort you’ve spent into getting new members through your doors, you’ll want to do everything in your power to hold on to them. Fortunately it shouldn’t be a difficult task once you’ve applied a few simple techniques to help your class bond. Do this right and you will not only be building a successful club, you will be creating and maintaining real friendships that will survive any challenges.

Catalyse Connections

Be aware of what your class members do when they arrive. You’ll soon notice that bonding is happening without any effort on your part. The more social members will be eagerly finding out about one another’s interests and lives from day one, while the more reserved will slowly come out of their shells as the weeks go by.

You don’t have to leave it to nature (though don’t be too eager – it will come across as insincere). Once connections have started to form, create a simple form and collect some basic information from class members (with their permission of course). Birthdays, email addresses, occupation and hobbies would be a good start. This will be a valuable tool for turning your dance class into a dance family.

Celebrate; communicate

A great way of making members feel appreciated is to celebrate their birthday with the group. Depending on your class size, you might opt for individual birthdays or for bulk monthly celebrations. At first you might want to keep it simple; perhaps the birthday girl or boy could bring in their own music or you could present them with a small gift. As your group becomes closer, you could consider more ambitious parties involving more planning. This requires efficient organisation which is one reason why a bulk email address for class members can come in handy.

Of course, it doesn’t have to stop with birthdays: almost any personal or communal event can be a reason for a celebration, from anniversaries and graduations to Hallowe’en, Christmas and mid-summer. Consider running themed classes (e.g. spooky, Eighties or fairy tale). This will keep your classes in the forefront of your members’ minds and can even be a marketing tool, as your members shop for costumes with their friends or work colleagues.

Sharing and Caring

Finding out about what your members do for a living and what they’re interested in is not just rewarding for you, it can help you identify common areas of connection between people. As an example, let’s say that Sarah studies art in college and Lianne loves to paint in her spare time; you could introduce them whereas they might not have discovered their shared interest until much later. Every connection your members make with one another makes your class stronger.

Everyone’s Street Fit®

We often talk about the Street Fit® family, and that’s because all of our Instructors are united in an appreciation of Hip Hop dance and the benefits dance fitness has on individuals, communities and the nation as a whole. Remind your members they are part of something special.

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