It’s Time for a New Vision With Street Fit

It seems like forever that we’ve been bombarded with messages of doom and gloom from the media. With all the talk about triple-dip recessions, economic depression, rising prices and widespread unemployment, it can be difficult to look on the bright side of life. The situation can feel even worse if you are working for a large company with no power to change the overall direction in which you’re all travelling. This can all change with Street Fit.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and if the credit crunch and everything that came after has got you reassessing your life, then that could just be the start of something special, the first step is our Street Fit Instructor Training course.

A blessing in disguise..

What the past five or so years has taught us is that we can’t rely on an economic system to bring us lasting satisfaction. Even those people who really believe that earning and consuming more will, on its own, bring us more happiness must now understand that there is no such thing as eternal growth. Job security is also seen as an illusion. For many disgruntled workers, redundancy or overwork has led to them leaving the apparent safety of a big company and striking out on their own. Many have been surprised about how fulfilled they feel at finally being able to take control of their own destiny and carve their own life path.

But it goes even further than personal gain and satisfaction:

A bitter taste..

Another result of the economic crisis is that many of us now feel betrayed by those individuals who acted dishonestly in their financial positions. It has made many of us question why we behave the way we do – both in the workplace and in society. Many entrepreneurs start their ventures determined not to repeat those same mistakes, actively seeking to serve their communities in line with their individual talents. Teaching about Dance Fitness, nutrition and the joy of creative movement is just one of the many ways that dance instructors can contribute to improving the lives of those they come into contact with.

If it’s broken…

The best thing about living in these times is that we know there is a problem that needs fixing. We now know we can’t rely on ‘big business’ to look after society for us. We have learned that we all need to pull together to create a society where people act responsibly towards themselves and their fellow humans.

And we don’t need to listen to the naysayers anymore. There are always ways around and over obstacles if we believe in ourselves.  This type of belief is not just wishful thinking – it actually fuels action. As forward-thinking business consultancy ‘Adaptive Edge’ put it: “Individual and collective hope, when grounded in reality, can make us all just a little more responsible, altruistic, collaborative and creative.”

You can help bring the vision to life with a Street Fit Instructor Course.

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