Keeping the Fire Burning

The ability to live life on your terms and to earn a healthy income along the way is one of the main benefits of becoming a dance fitness instructor. That doesn’t mean that you won’t experience challenges along the way.

At different points of your journey you might find yourself wishing for more opportunities, more members or more inspiration.  Browse the following tips and keep the fire burning through the difficult times.

Dancing is not just classes

One of the first things you might do when setting up a dance fitness business is to find out the demand in your local area and create morning, evening and weekend classes to suit. Although this makes perfect sense, if you find that you have time on your hands in the middle of the day, consider some alternative strategies. Perhaps you could kick off a mums-only fitness group and provide a crèche. Another idea would be to approach your local authority and enquire about suitable projects for dance instructors, or to ask at your local schools. The bonus with Street Fit® certification is that it is REPS accredited, which will help you when bidding for contracts.

Market yourself daily

Marketing can seem a time-consuming and daunting process, but committing yourself to small, regular steps can bring significant results. Even if you did just one marketing activity a day (e.g. post on Twitter, record a YouTube video, design a flyer or even speak to a neighbour about your new class), just imagine how much progress you can make in a month. Some dance fitness instructors have reported a clear correlation between increased marketing effort and more customers in the door.

Retain your regulars

In your natural quest to attract more feet off the street, don’t shoot yourself in your own foot by ignoring or, worse still, inadvertently penalising your regulars. If you charge a £20 yearly registration fee, for example, your loyal fan base will not take kindly if you waive it for all new customers while charging them to re-register. Always remember that retaining existing members is far more cost-effective than recruiting new ones, so make sure you make them feel special.

Are some of your dancers ready to teach dance fitness classes themselves? Perhaps you could show them support by offering discounted master classes to prepare them for their own Street Fit® Instructor training.

Build your knowledge base

Street Fit® membership is designed to provide you with a constant stream of new choreography, music and learning opportunities to keep you and your members engaged in hip-hop dance fitness. Even if you are not a member, you should still keep on top of your craft by researching new moves and styles; the latest trends and fashions and anything else that can inspire and/or educate you. The more you learn and incorporate into your classes, the more you will grow as a teacher and as a dancer.

Try StreetFit® today and see the powerful new craze is not just a dance!

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