Street Fit® Gift Vouchers

Give a Street Fit® Gift Voucher – for the Aspiring Street Dance Fitness® Instructor!

A loved one or friend can pick and choose from a selection of vouchers to use either in our online shop on products, or to book a place on one of our extremely popular Street Fit® Instructor Courses.

Our Gift Vouchers have been designed and developed to give you a range suitable for all sorts of occasions so that you can be sure that someone special gets to choose the gift they really want.

Branded Street Fit Gift Vouchers come in three set values £5, £20 and £285 (cost of a Instructor Course). You can purchase as many as you like and use the unique online code to buy from our online shop, simply input your code at the checkout to receieve your money off.

Alternatively you can post them to us telling us your chosen item from the shop and we can process them for you.

Vouchers Currently Available

What Can I Use Them On?

Street Fit® Become An Instructor

Purchase our training course voucher and redeem it by booking onto any of our instructor training days.

Giving the gift of a Street Fit Instructor Training course can really change someone’s life, it’s great for anyone looking to start or add to existing dance fitness programs they may teach.

All vouchers come in a Street Fit Presentation card and can be sent to you or direct to the lucky recipient!

Think of It As Your Complete Career- Starter Package!

Once you have taken the one-day Street Fit Instructor Training you are allowed to teach Street Fit, use the “Street Fit” name in your class title and call yourself a Street Fit Instructor, setting up your Street Dance Fitness® class at any facility you choose. This can be a gym, dance studio or your own studio.

This course provides instructors with the tools needed to run Street Dance Fitness® classes by the end of the day you will gain valuable teaching tools, routines and guidelines to be a certified Street Fit Instructor.

To successfully complete the course participants must, complete the multiple choice assessment and a practical session which will be observed by our trainer.

The Street Fit Workout is designed to be simple to teach, with more complex movements being introduced as your class’s performance and fitness levels increase. One of our secrets is in our choice of street dance moves, carefully selected to target key areas of your body for a total workout.


To find out more or to book now simply visit our Become An Instructor page.

Online Shop

You can use the £5 and £20 vouchers on products we have in our online store, choose from a large and colourful selection of hoodies, T-Shirts and Ebooks!

We have a unique range of T’s and Hoodies to choose from its

Just visit the online shop today, choose the items you want input your voucher code and your items will be sent to you.


Purchase Your Vouchers Today!

Great alternative gifts for special occasions birthdays, graduations or just a gesture!

Simply click the buy now button to purchase your chosen voucher, input the amount you desire and we will send them to you within 7 days.

Use them in the store or purchase a course voucher.

Vouchers Currently Available