Legal & Trademark

The Street Fit® Hip Hop Fit®, Hip Hop Tots® Street Dance Fitness® and Hip Hop Workout® trademarks are an important business asset of Street Fit and should be treated with a high level of care. People around the world, including our company, rely on our trademarks to identify our products and services and to distinguish them from those of our competitors.


As the creators and global leaders in dance fitness programs, DVD’s, clothing, and accessories, Street Fit® takes great pride in our products and programs and works relentlessly to improve its products and services.

Hip Hop Tots® is a Trademark and Managed by 2020 Effect.

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Only those licensed by Street Fit have any rights to use the Street Fit Trademarks. Licensees are required by contract and law to follow the guidelines in their written license agreements.

Members can review the Street Fit License Agreement by logging into their Street Fit account and accessing the Terms and Conditions.

We ask that our licensees and enthusiasts of the Street Fit program everywhere contact us immediately if they become aware of any unauthorised or improper use of the Street Fit Trademarks by emailing