Looking Ahead: Your Own Dance Studio

This post is aimed mainly at those Street Fit® instructors who have already been running their own classes, although it’s something that might have crossed the mind of newly qualified instructors or even those considering taking the course.

One of the first steps in launching your street dance career will usually be to scout out a suitable venue for hire. You may be happy with the rent you pay but once you’ve become established and have a fair idea of your earnings, it is natural to think about the possibility of buying a venue outright. After all, all rent is ‘dead money’ that is destined for the pockets of others.

Whether you decide to buy and fit-out a building from scratch or to purchase an existing dance studio, there are several benefits:

More Stability; more control

Owning your own premises immediately sends out several messages to potential new customers. They will begin to see you as part of the community and likely to stick around for some time. This translates to increased respect for you and your business and a marketing advantage over those who are content to rent.

As owner of your own building, you are completely free to design and equip it to your own specifications. Everything from the type of flooring to mirrors, air-conditioning, mats, sound system and more will be in your hands. You could even allow other businesses to offer services on-site (e.g. sports massage or hair styling), boosting your income further.

Rent out your space

A major benefit of owning your own studio is that you can rent out space to other dance instructors. If your premises are small, you will need to think hard about what classes will fit around your own. If you have the luxury of space to spare, other instructors could run classes alongside yours – imagine the extra earnings that could bring in!

Bring talent through the ranks

Once you know who your star performers are, you can suggest that they take the Street Fit® Instructors’ course too. Once they qualify, they could hire space from you and even take some of your classes for a fee. Before long your humble dance studio could become more of a dance academy as more and more dancers make the grade.

Are you ready?

Taking the step of actually buying a dance studio is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is advisable to rent for long enough – at least two years – to get an accurate picture of your earning potential.

If you feel ready to take the plunge, the next step would be to draw up a business plan. This should be done even if you are fortunate enough to have the capital necessary to buy your premises.

On the other hand, if you’re happy with the flexibility of renting, you can still earn a comfortable income. Buying your own dance studio is just one of many avenues to explore once your Street Fit® career is up and running.

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