Put Blue Monday Behind You…For Good! With Street Fit

Put Blue Monday Behind You…For Good! You may or may not have realised that last Monday was supposedly the most depressing day of the year. So-called ‘Blue Monday’ was created by a PR company back in 2005 but the concept is now so popular that #bluemonday was trending number one in the world on Twitter on the day.

The good news is that by becoming a Street Fit Instructor you can put any lingering Blue Monday feelings  behind you,  and focus on creating the 2013 you want – living life to your schedule.

No More Monday Mornings

With Street Fit® your time is your own, which means it’s up to you when and where you work. It’s amazing how quickly those Monday morning blues become a thing of the past once you realise you’re doing things for yourself and not a company boss. If you don’t like getting up on Monday morning – or any morning come to that – build your business around evening classes and give yourself  a bit of a lie-in.

How successful you want to become is also up to you. Not everyone wants to rule the world, but there’s nothing wrong with setting up a few classes to make a little on the side. On the other hand if you want to dominate your area, the Street Fit® brand will give you the kudos you need to start your rise to the top, and you could always work your way towards becoming a Street Fit® Trainer. Exciting new add-ons, like the SF Kids® licence will open up new and lucrative markets for you as your experience and confidence grows, while Street Fit® membership can give you added support and resources.

Your Future Awaits

The life you deserve may be closer than you think, but making the step from dream to reality requires action. Do you have any spending money left over from Christmas that is burning a hole? Does someone in the family still owe you a gift? What better way to kick-start the year on a high than investing an affordable £285 in your future by booking a spot on one of our UK-wide courses. Courses last just the one day, and there is even an online option for those who really can’t find the time to come to us. So does Blue Monday actually exist? Only if you believe in it –we say try believing in yourself instead!

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