SF® Academy Faqs

We’ve posted the most commonly asked questions about becoming an SF® Academy owner below, but if you need any clarification or have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing hello@streetfit.tv or calling us on 0800 471 4982.

How old do I have to be to be an SF® Academy Owner?

SF® Academy is available to all Street Fit® Instructors. To become a Street Fit® Instructor you need to be 18 or over. For more FAQs about becoming a Street Fit® Instructor, visit the ‘Become an Instructor’ section.

How much does it cost to be to be an SF® Academy owner?

Street Fit offers three ways to become an SF® Academy owner.

  1. Bronze (Rebranding) Package. £185 + VAT
  2. Silver (Rapid Launch) Package. £1200 + VAT (renewed annually for £195)
  3. Gold (Enterprise Evolution) Package. £1750 + VAT (renewed annually for £245)

What if I change my mind after paying for the licence?

Please make sure you think carefully before applying for an SF® Academy licence. We start customising your package from the moment we receive your application and are unable to offer any refunds.

Can I pay a deposit?

If you are taking the Gold (Enterprise Evolution) package we will accept a 50% deposit.

Can I upgrade to a higher value SF® Academy package?

Yes, please contact us and we will arrange an upgrade for you.

Can I downgrade to a lower value SF® Academy package?

No, downgrading is not possible due to the costs involved in customising your package.

Can I teach children at my SF® Academy?

It is up to you what classes you run in your SF® Academy, but if you are teaching children’s classes it is your responsibility to ensure facilitators have a recent enhanced DBS check.

To teach SF® Kids workouts you will need an SF® Kids licence. This is available to all Street Fit® Instructors at a cost of £175 a year. For more FAQs about becoming a Street Fit® Instructor, visit the ‘Become an Instructor‘ section.

How long is an SF® Academy term?

You are free to set your own terms but many dance studios follow the academic school term.

How long is a Street Fit® Academy class?

Most classes are designed to last between 30 and 45 minutes, but you may want to adjust this depending on class size or age group.

Is there a set fee for Street Fit® Academy classes?

Absolutely not. You are free to set your own pricing.

Is there a dress code for Street Fit® Academy classes?

As the owner, you are free to decide your own dress code for facilitators and students. It is a good idea to stipulate your dress code in an Employee’s Handbook.

Can I continue to run my existing classes once I become a Street Fit® Academy?

Absolutely. Street Fit® Academy can run alongside existing classes if you wish.

Will my business lose its identity if I rebrand to SF® Academy?

No. We will customise our logo to include your business name alongside ours.

Can I send my students to another centre for Street Fit® Academy classes?

Unfortunately not. Street Fit Academy classes must take place at the venue we have issued the licence for.

I own multiple venues. Are they all covered by my Street Fit® Academy Licence?

No. Each venue will need to be licensed separately.

How long will my Street Fit® Academy Licence last?

Your initial contract will be for 12 months. After that, you can renew your licence or cancel, at any time, by giving 90 days notice. All Street Fit® Academy branding and website information must be removed by the end of the notice period.

Is my venue eligible to be a Street Fit® Academy?

To be eligible, your business has to have been running for at least three years and you will need to have at least £2 million Public Liability Insurance in place. We will ask you for further details about your facility and staff during the application process, and we will also review your website content.

Is Street Fit® popular?

Since its inception over two years ago, Street Fit® has expanded rapidly and there are certified Instructors teaching throughout the UK and beyond. Street Fit® was recently named as one of the seven top fitness trends for 2014 in BodyFit magazine, and we have over 30 thousand ‘likes’ across our social media sites. For more information about Street Fit’s success, see the media section at streetfit.tv.

How do I apply to become an SF® Academy owner?

Simply fill in the application form shown. If the application form is not yet available, please enter your details in our sign up form and we will keep you updated.

You can also email us at hello@streetfit.tv or call us on 0800 471 4982 and we will be happy to update you.

How long will it be before I know if my application is successful?

We will let you know within 7 days of receiving your completed application.