Licensing vs Franchising: Which is Better?

Franchising and licensing are two ways in which a new business owner can gain competitive advantage by using the reputation and branding strength of an established company.

But that’s where the similarity ends.

Think of franchising as opening a new branch of somebody else’s business, while licensing is acquiring the right to use a company’s brand name, logo and resources to create a unique business of your own.


Both business models offer a faster way of making a living than starting from scratch, but we think licensing has some distinct advantages; here’s why:

Licensing saves you money

We can’t speak for all licensors, but when you compare the SF® Academy licence fee (from £695 plus VAT) to the franchises out there, the difference is significant.

You get more freedom

Many franchisees complain about the control exercised by the franchise owners. This can be bad enough for a petrol station or a sandwich bar, but when it comes to the dynamic dance, fitness and performing arts industry it can be a deal-breaker. With a franchise you are given a blueprint of someone else’s design and when you’ve handed over that franchise fee you’re committed to following the pattern.

That approach wouldn’t work for Street Fit®. Our ethos  is all about giving our Instructors complete creative control. Rather than stifling your flame, we make you master (or mistress) of your own destiny – isn’t that what owning your own business is all about? To underline that commitment, we provide you with customised logos which combine both our name and yours.


Fewer restrictions

Like any licensor, we have to lay down some rules to protect our Intellectual Property and ensure the reputation of Street Fit® remains strong. We also need to comply with regulations. But unlike most franchisors, we don’t hamstring you with a list of arbitrary dos and donts or unnecessary restrictions. With less red tape you can set up a business more quickly and easily than most franchise models.

More diversity

All of the above means that SF® Academies are more diverse than franchises. In fact, we don’t want to see one ‘cookie-cutter’ SF® Academy; we would prefer to see cutting-edge SF® Academies that dare to be different while upholding the values, ethos and spirit of Street Fit®

Extra Support

In contrast to many licensors, we support our SF® Academy owners with high quality training, marketing merchandise, online platforms, in-depth learning resources and more. We are as committed to your success as you are!