Rebranding to SF® Academy: Key Benefits

If you’re finding it a struggle to recruit new members to your dance or performing arts studio – or even fitness centre – maybe it’s time to do something serious about it.

Rebranding to SF® Academy has a number of benefits at a fraction of the cost of a franchise.

Here are the main plus points:

Delivering something new – Creating a new class, even one as fresh and exciting as a Street Fit® workout, will have its maximum effect within a few weeks – maybe a month or so – of launch. Rebranding your whole studio as a SF® Academy is a whole different ball game and will get everyone in the area talking about you – and itching to find out more.

Clean, powerful branding – Imagine the pride of looking up at the SF® Academy logo above your doors – alongside your business name – and knowing you are the owner. A lot of time and expertise has gone into creating the widely recognised Street Fit® brand, including SF® Academy and SF® Kids, meaning your studio will instantly stand out as something unique and special.

Academy means progress – It is no accident that the government are rebranding many state schools as academies. The word itself suggests continuous improvement and achievement through excellence. This is what SF® Academy is all about.

Create a studio culture – Rebranding gives you a chance to create or refresh your studio culture. If your atmosphere is becoming stale and staff motivation is dwindling, or you simply want to shake things up and take a new direction, rebranding as an SF® Academy can help you.

Start the New Year with a bang – Everybody in the industry knows that the New Year is when most people are actively looking for solutions to their weight loss or fitness issues. Rebranding to SF® Academy in this window will have maximum impact.

Level the playing field – If you’re tired of competing with the big gyms and franchises for your business, rebranding as an SF® Academy will give you that added kudos that instantly lifts you to their level.

Inspire a community – Then there are those priceless benefits that make it all worthwhile: the look of joy on a child’s face as they master a new dance routine; the emerging confidence as a class develops and the knowledge that your hard work is improving the lives of those around you.

Already a Licensed Street Fit® Instructor?

If you are already a licensed Street Fit® Instructor with your own studio, there is even more of an incentive to take things to the next level. Our Bronze Rebranding package gets you up and running as an SF® Academy for just £695+VAT.

SF® Academy Packages