What is SF® Academy?

SF® Academy takes all that’s good about Street Fit® – the fun, the energy, the name and the will to push the boundaries of what’s possible – and channels it into a form that will deliver real results for owners and students alike.

For SF® Academy members, it’s about making dreams come true by turning them into achievable action steps.

It starts with the voice.

We’re talking about that little voice inside that says “I want to be me.”

Too often, our society drowns out that voice and replaces it with a list of shoulds and should-nots. The spirit of the street has always sought to reach that inner, authentic person and help them to express themselves regardless of their situation.


As our intro video shows, the spirit of street dance moves unhindered through time, regardless of geography and culture; race and creed because it is the essence of our true selves and can never truly be silenced.

SF® Academy builds on our successful Street Fit® dance fitness programme and adds in performance arts tuition, such as acting for the stage, to help everyone from young children to mature adults to fully express themselves through movement, expression and song.

Freedom to inspire.

SF® Academy is invested with that typical Street Fit® respect for individuality, flair and freedom. There is no rigid prospectus to follow, or overly restrictive rules holding licence holders back, giving SF® Academy owners the freedom to follow their own path to success, and SF® Academy members the joy of experiencing something truly unique.

What is SF® Academy? The short answer is: whatever you want it to be…

SF® Academy Packages