Marketing Magic for Dance & Fitness – eBook


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Do You Need More From Your Business?

Make Advertising Add Up
Stand Out but Keep it Simple
Make the Sales Team Earn Their Commission.
Preach to the Converted
Track & Refine
Encourage Diversity
Keep on Moving

Get Your Writing Just Right
It’s all About Psychology
Your Only Chance to Impress
Swap Description for Action
Long Copy Sells (!)
Sell Benefits NOT Features
Paint a Picture with Words
The Icing on the Cake

Power Up With PR
PR Works; Use it!
Hire the Best PR Company on the Planet
Build Relationships
Pack your PR with News Values
Be Ethical
Bring your PR up to Date

Be a Lead Leader
Databases: your Biggest Asset
Come Bearing Gifts
Don’t Keep Them Waiting!
More Ways to Generate Leads
Behavioural Intent: The New Frontier

Promote Like a Pro
Only Offer Promotions you Can Afford
Always Offer an Up-sell
Choose the Right Promotion
Bundle Them Together
Create a Promotions Calendar
Reap With Your Referrals
Deliver the Best at All Times.
Ask for Referrals
Put it in Black & White

Make Selling a Cinch
Embrace your Inner Salesperson
Sales Without the Selling
Swap Quantity for Quality

Smash Your Market
Focus your Spotlight
No Niche is Too Small
Own your Space on the Web
Be Mobile Savvy

Your Next Move


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