Still Out In The Cold….Not With Street Fit®

Don’t get us wrong; we admire those tough cookies still out there in their tracksuits and trainers, braving the ice and snow to maintain their New Year’s fitness resolutions. We just prefer to exercise in more temperate surroundings.

The cold snap can be a blessing in disguise for Street Fit Instructors, with people shunning the great outdoors and opting to fulfil their fitness pledges in the warmth and relative comfort of a gym or sports hall.

Promises + Results = Commitment

For anyone looking to drop a dress size or two, or bulk up those biceps, Street Fit® offers a results-driven solution that helps you to keep those important pledges. The rationale is simple: if you begin to see real results from your exercise programme, you will feel more motivated to keep working at it.
The added bonus with the Street Fit® Hip Hop Workout® is that as your weight (and waistline) drops, your strength, poise, balance and self-confidence will rise, leaving you feeling wonderful.

So the next time you feel like doing a bit of cardio training in the winter, instead of pounding the frozen roads come in from the cold and join a Street Fit® class for some fun, calorie-consuming dance fitness. If there are no Street Fit Instructors in your area, then think seriously about joining us and becoming the face of Street Fit® in your neighbourhood.

Doing it Together

If one of your promises for 2013 is to improve your social life (and we all need the support of other like-minded people sometimes), then Street Fit® can fill that hole too. Our day-long Street Fit Instructors ’Course brings together people from all walks of life who share a passion for dance and fitness. Everyone who comes along is made to feel part of our ever-expanding family.

Ready for the Big One?

If you’ve made a promise to yourself to overhaul your life completely in 2013, then Street Fit® could just be your ticket to success. If you think your options are being underpaid and undervalued on one hand, or unemployed on the other then maybe there’s another way.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘the best hope for business is the business of hope’? Well that sentiment can be brought down and applied to any fledgling business. Basically, if you have a positive attitude and work hard, the rest will follow suit.

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