Are you a Slave to Success?

If you were given the choice between success and failure, I’m sure you would opt for success. But for some people, success means something so far out of reach that any attempt to reach it automatically fails. Their relentless drive to succeed turns them into slaves, never free to enjoy their progress towards a better life.

We want to promote Street Fit® as a realistic way to achieve a future of financial and creative freedom, but if you can relate to this article, your own mindset could be sabotaging your efforts.

‘It’s What you do that Matters’

This is the unspoken mantra that, ironically, could be holding many people back from the success they crave. Psychologists believe that when growing up, associating being rewarded with love for ‘doing well’ and ‘being good’ rather than simply for being ourselves may sow the seeds of the problem. If our caregivers had particularly high standards of success, we might become perfectionists, demanding the best out of ourselves and others.

The Myth of Perfection

While aiming for perfection might sound like a good thing, it can cause all sorts of problems. Instead of finding your goals a source of inspiration and motivation, they can become something to fear as you start to focus on every little mistake. Desperation to achieve can, paradoxically, lead to paralysis as you start to find excuses to avoid experiencing the feeling of failure. This can lead on to a vicious circle, as you berate yourself for procrastinating, contributing to low self-esteem.

Embrace Improvement

Real achievement comes when you learn to relax and focus less on the destination and more on the journey to the summit, enjoying the benefits of working out: the increase in energy, the gradual tightening of loose muscles, the increasing fluidity between movements as your choreography comes together. In terms of your business, notice how your organisational skills are improving, how much easier it is to talk to prospective customers, how much more time you are spending working for yourself. Measure your achievement in terms of all those little successes rather than constantly comparing yourself to an unattainable image of perfection.

Be a Role Model

Next time you are running a session, look around you. Those people are there to be inspired by you, not to be overawed by your flawless physique and unerring technique. They will be far more likely to relate to you if they see you as a normal human being who has improved their life despite their imperfections.

Imagine the day when one of your fledgling dancers becomes a successful Street Fit® Instructor in their own right and says to you, ‘thank you for inspiring me to keep on going.’ Then you will understand what real success means.

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