Being Business Aware

Businesses never operate in a vacuum. Even the simplest business exists as part of a complex network of inter-relating factors that are always changing. A business that ignores the dynamic nature of its environment risks becoming disconnected from that network – permanently!

Savvy business owners adapt to their environment by being eternally aware of any changes that might affect them. Like a nervous spider, they investigate every disturbance to their web in case they need to act quickly.

Be Socially Aware

If class numbers start to dwindle or soar it’s only natural to get worried or elated respectively. But be careful! Business success can only accurately be evaluated in the long-term and all sorts of social factors can give you a false picture.

Take the last couple of weeks: you might have experienced a lull in your usual numbers and started getting concerned. But after a long weekend of Jubilee celebrations, it’s not surprising if a few members are feeling a bit de-motivated. If there’s a conspicuous lack of men in your group this week, they might have caught the Euro football fever. Conversely, if you’ve been excited by a surge in attendance, it could be that people in your area are trying to escape the same tournament!

By being aware of what is happening nationally and locally, you can find opportunities to take advantage. Before the Jubilee weekend you could have reminded your class that a post-party workout will burn off those cream teas. You could also have designed some ‘flee the footie’ flyers.

Be Competitor Aware

You won’t stay still and neither will your competitors. Pay close attention to the various dance/fitness promotions going on in your area and try and work out what might be behind them. Offer something different but equally enticing to your members. Keep the competition on their toes by coming up with new ways to get ahead.

Be Trend Aware

Keep a close eye on what’s happening within the street dance and hip-hop culture. Has a new film or music video been released that is getting everyone talking? Are there moves you can incorporate for your routine? Are there some popular new DJ mixes you could try working out to?

Be Customer Aware

Finally, don’t forget to be aware of how your existing members are reacting to your workouts. Do they still exude life and joy or are they beginning to look bored. If you want an honest idea of what people think about you and your class, try setting up an anonymous feedback system. Let the responses guide you to further improvements.

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