What To Do When Content Loses Its Crown

Content is king! That’s the mantra you often hear from entrepreneurs and of course they’re right…partly.

That’s why Street Fit have invested so much time and money in creating a workout structure that really gets results, and a membership program that delivers regular instalments of fresh choreography. In our industry, results really count and if customers can’t shift the pounds, can’t see an improvement in muscle definition or simply aren’t enjoying themselves they’ll be off to try something else.

Are you’re sensing a ‘but’ coming up?

But how can a new Street Fit Instructor, perhaps the first in the area, entice people through the doors to sample this great content in the first place?

The trouble is, the fitness industry attracts all sorts of businesses, some genuine, some trying to make a quick killing – even some just trying to win ‘The Apprentice!’

Many of these wily companies are well aware of the tendency for some, particularly the young, to be easily swept up and carried away in a current of hype, desperate for a quick fix. Some will spend plenty of capital on dressing up their inventions while spouting all sorts of questionable facts and figures to support their fitness claims.

Step 1: Fly your banner high

The simple truth is you will have to be noticed to attract interest; to convince the next generation of fitness enthusiasts that you mean business, you need to present a flawless, polished image which breathes life and excitement Fortunately, Street Fit have the marketing knowhow to compete at the highest level. We’ve amassed a talented army of professionals to create compelling promotional videos guaranteed to capture short attention spans. Our design and writing teams collaborate to produce marketing materials of the highest calibre, with high impact visuals and persuasive messages. All it takes is for Street Fit Instructors to make sure they use the tools provided.

Step 2: Show them the kingdom

Once your clients step through the door, it’s your task to turn them into loyal subjects. Make sure that you provide a workout experience that pushes everyone yet is achievable; follow the Street Fit workout structure so that the necessary warm up, cardio and cool down sections are in place and keep a careful eye on technique and body alignment.

On a personal level, from day one start building rapport with everyone. Take an interest in their lives and ask for constructive feedback. During classes, move around the class and give equal attention to all members (after all, they all pay the same fee, don’t they). Commit to continued development by keeping abreast of the latest moves and trends in the street dance/hip hop genre, and be hungry for knowledge.

Before long, you should experience the fruits of your work. As you become locally known as the trusted street dance expert, your reputation will be the crown that keeps the pretenders to your throne at bay.

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