The Street Fit Dance Instructor – Six P’s Test

Are you the type of person who can be successful in business? Successful in Street Dance Fitness Industry? How do you tell? There are men and women of all ages and from a variety of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds making a name for themselves in the Street Dance Fitness Industry in the world of business, but what is it that sets them apart from those who are more suited to being in paid employment?

Street Fit Dance Fitness we’ve put together six attributes that we think all would-be business owners should have (or develop) if they are to make the grade. Could you pass the ‘Six P Test?’

1.       Personality

What do Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Donald Trump have in common? Despite their considerable differences in approach and background, they are all very much their own people; you wouldn’t exactly call them shrinking violets! You don’t have to be an all-out extrovert to be successful in business, but it helps if you are comfortable in being yourself and always act from your own heart.

2.       Perseverance

One of the most valuable attributes for any business owner is the ability to just keep on keeping on. There will always be challenges on the road, but as long as you find ways around or over any obstacles you meet you will eventually get to your destination. Think about it! How can someone who never gives up ever really fail?

3.       Passion

If perseverance is the engine that keeps you powering through the tough times, then passion is the fuel that feeds it. We all look outside on some days and find it hard to look beyond the grey skies. Think back to why you started your business in the first place, and what you intend to bring to your community. You’ll soon be up and running again.

4.       Patience

Tempering your desire to succeed should be the patience to do things properly and wait for real results, rather than rushing the process. If you are a dance fitness instructor, you will make a real impression with your members if you take the time to help them through choreography they are struggling with. Also remember to be patient with yourself. If you make a business error (and you will), don’t be harsh on yourself. Every mistake has its value, even if it just means you will never repeat it.

5.       Pluck

When you go into business for yourself, many of life’s certainties suddenly vanish and the sense of freedom can be tinged with a dread of the unknown. That’s just a healthy reaction to venturing into unknown territory, so don’t let it paralyse you; accept the feeling and move forwards with courage.

6.       Professionalism

Being professional doesn’t mean being stuffy, overly formal and unapproachable. It just means you need to adopt a serious and respectful attitude towards your business and its customers. Everything you do must be aimed towards making your street dance fitness business profitable and keeping your customers satisfied (two sides of the same coin!)

Did you pass the ‘Six P test?’ Maybe it’s your turn to book a place on our Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructors Course!

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