Is it Really All About You?

It seems a fashionable thing to claim that running a successful dance fitness business is all about the personality, style and ambition of the instructor. Fitness professionals are advised to ignore the prevailing trends and create a unique brand of their own, powered by their optimism, enthusiasm and love for dance and fitness. Much of this advice comes from those who are either celebrity figures or have already established themselves in the dance fitness industry.

Although this ‘positive’ attitude appeals to the freedom-seeking mindset of the young generation, it is only one side of the coin. Building a name for yourself takes time and until you start becoming known for your fantastic classes, you will need to spend time researching your market and assessing if there is a demand for what you want to offer – like any other business.

Swim with the tide

Being part of a trend makes sense because you will already have a willing market out there ready to sample your classes. On the whole, people are quite conservative and often have an idea of the sort of group they want to join and rely on being given clear, unambiguous directions rather than vague, unsubstantiated hype. That’s why Street Fit provides members with bold, high quality marketing materials that leave potential customers with a precise idea of what to expect when they walk through the door. In the early stages of most instructors’ careers, the Street Fit® brand will be fundamental in attracting members.

Do it your way

Once you have got your classes up and running, you can then start the process of building a name for yourself.  That doesn’t have to mean being the bubbliest, most creative person on the planet; it means having the confidence and self-belief to be yourself. It also means committing yourself to your profession by respecting health and safety guidelines, keeping your choreography interesting and relevant and building strong relationships with your customers. 

Street dance: defined by individuality

Becoming a street dance fitness instructor is an ideal way to balance the need to be relevant with the need to express your own creativity. If you’ve ever watched a top street dance troupe in action, you will understand that a common understanding forms the platform from which true individual self-expression can flourish.  As with much of life, street dance works best when the need of the unit is balanced with the need of the individual.

Being an individual and running your business your own way is a crucial part of becoming a successful dance fitness professional, but the most successful will be those that also tap into current trends and take them to a new level.

If you want to move onto the next step and take control of your life, reaching for the stars become a member here! –

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