Ditch the Routine with Street Fit’s Secret Ingredient

The Spice of Dance

They say that variety is the spice of life; well, a Street Fit® licence will give you that special ingredient guaranteed to give a kick to any choreography – absolute creative control.

The idea that working out can be fun (and needs to be if you want to attract customers!) is catching on fast, and Street Fit are by no means the only fitness company that want to turn fitness into more of a party than a chore.

But if you were holding a party for your friends, would you want to be limited to a set menu, restricted to serving the same dishes that everyone else is? Do you want to play the same games, and listen to identical music? Of course not.

The problem with some dance fitness concepts is that you can end up stuck with a pre-designed choreography that you get bored with – or even start hating. Some instructors have reported shelling out substantial amounts of money only to discover that the purchased routines feel disconnected.

You’re Head Chef

With Street Fit®, you’re not one of a production line of cooks, you’re head chef! Of course we provide you with the basic workout structure, and some choreography to get you going, but we expect you to adapt that to your own style, creating your own exotic and mouth-watering dishes.

Basically, we want you to take the Street Fit® concept and run with it, giving life to the urban spirit that underlies the hip-hop street dance culture.

Don’t Skip Dessert!

Just as all restaurants offer a similar progression of courses (starter, main, dessert, coffee, etc.), you are required to stick to the basic workout structure. This is for health and safety reasons, since omitting a warm up can lead to serious injury. We also stress the importance of cooling down after your workout. Some other dance companies have been criticised by dance professionals for skimping on the stretching and cool down phases.

Our Street Fit® Instructors’ Courses also emphasise other fundamental practices, such as observing correct alignment: high intensity exercise can cause injury if these important procedures are omitted.

Our Name Above Your Door

When we give you the right to use our name, we want you to think of it as a way of enticing customers in at the front door, not as a mark of ownership. Customers (and fitness venues) feel more comfortable relating to a powerful brand, which will work in your interest, but we need creative, expressive instructors who are not afraid to ditch the routine and reinvent fitness for a new dance-hungry generation.

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