It’s Time To Slay Your Dragon

From escapee crocodiles in Essex to mythical dragons from Libya, the source of the ‘real’ story of ‘St George and the Dragon’ is a matter of some debate.

There are many versions of the tale, but one tells of a fierce dragon that was terrorising a village and demanding the sacrifice of young maidens. The princess was the last maiden alive, and was being led to the valley of the dragon, when St George sent her back and took on the venomous beast himself. After a long battle, and with his armour having been split in two by the dragon’s saliva, George despatched the monster with a savvy thrust to its weak spot (beneath the wing if you’re ever in a similar situation!).

Whatever the truth behind the myth, the fact is that the 23rd April is St George’s Day, providing the perfect opportunity to show courage and ingenuity as we fight for our ideal future. Here’s the Street Fit guide for dealing with your dragon(s)!

1.     Refuse Painful Sacrifices

You may have been used to thinking that, although having a life of freedom sounds good, you need to remain a slave to those long shifts to bring in the bacon. But just as St George refused to let the princess go to her death, don’t think that just because people (or dragons) demand things of you, you have to sacrifice your own right to live life the way you want it.

2.     Don’t Let Others Poison Your Mind

While balanced advice from trusted friends and family members should be listened to, be wary of the naysayers. There will be people out there who will ridicule and criticise you for daring to follow a path that offers to redefine your relationship with work. Much of the time these people are fearful of challenging themselves and envious that you want something better for yourself.  St George used an orange tree to shield himself from the dragon’s poison and gain respite from the beast’s attack but you could try using positive affirmations or surrounding yourself with supportive, positive people.

3.     Make Life Easier For Yourself

Sometimes the fitness industry itself may seem a bit of a dragon. If you’ve tried running your own classes but found the competition too tough, perhaps you need to try another way. Rather than spending fruitless effort bashing away at the dragon’s scales, St George aimed for the weak point under its wing. By joining the Street Fit family, we will not only provide you with the marketing tools and corporate support to compete at a professional level, we will supply you with tips and hints for securing your career victory that little bit more easily.

4.     Learn The Moral of the Story

Regardless of the version of the story, many scholars agree that it has a simple moral: the only things that stop you achieving the impossible are your own doubts and fears. We would add that by taking on that beast you could bag yourself a king’s ransom in treasure – and possibly a maiden (or knight) to boot.

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