Street Fit®: The Serious Alternative

Serious dancing for serious success

There’s a lot of confusion in the dance fitness industry at the moment and it’s not surprising. As more and more companies seize the opportunity to jump on the dance fitness bandwagon, the trend has been to mix and match anything and everything in an attempt to create something truly unique. While that can be a good thing and lead to real innovation, sometimes it is just an excuse to throw a few ‘cookie-cutter’ dance steps to music and hey presto – a new dance craze. Unfortunately, that sort of approach doesn’t create dancers it creates clones, and that’s not what Street Fit® is about!

Street Fit®, the Hip Hop Workout®, is different: we actually teach you to dance and while this may stretch you at first, like all worthwhile achievements should, persevere and you will find yourself attaining new heights of satisfaction. We welcome those who have grown bored of trotting out the same old routines and want to inject some new life into their dancing. If you have previous training in fitness and/or other dance formats, we will help you utilize those skills and take them to a higher level.

No 99% Pass Rate

Although the majority of people attending the Street Fit® Instructors Course will pass with flying colours, we can’t match the 99 per cent pass rates that some other dance companies profess to have. We’re pleased with that because that shows us we’re providing something of real value – not a carbon copy of what’s already out there. If you expect to just turn up, go through the motions and get a certificate you will be sadly disappointed; there are other courses out there for you.

Let Street Fit
® Launch Your Career

As we have been trying to promote, Street Fit® is as much about the right attitude as it is about dance ability. The right blend of creativity, self-expression and determination enables Street Fit® instructors to master the initial choreography before moving on to create their own. On the other hand, even the simplest choreography will remain lifeless if it’s fed to you on a plate, requiring no effort on your part.

The rewards of your time, effort and initial investment will become clear as you begin to realise that Street Fit® instructors are in a class of their own. Therefore, treat the Street Fit® instructors’ course as a launch platform rather than a prescription and prepare to soar to new heights of personal success.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!  

Here is what our instructors who have recently graduated have to say…

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With over 300 UK based instructors and over 20,000 facebook fans it is clear to see that Street Fit is becoming popular and fast, you could benefit from becoming one of our Instructors so what are you waiting for?

Join the Street Fit Family today!

Contact us today on 0800 689 9909 or visit our become an instructor page for lastest dates and locations of courses near you.



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