Blast That Body Fat and Reclaim Your Six Pack

Nature is amazing. When we start accumulating extra reserves of fat, evolution ensures that we store it in a place that maintains our centre of gravity, enabling us to continue to move around freely. For men especially, that means an increase in belly fat.

This is great, until we realise that the rippling abdominals we used to be so proud of are now hidden beneath a layer of blubber.

If this is your situation at the moment, don’t despair. Using a three-pronged attack, it is possible to blast that body fat and reclaim your six-pack.

The Street Fit® Workout: healthy to the core

It may seem common sense that if your issue is with the stomach, then this is the area you need to work on. This is true in terms of building abdominal muscle mass, but if you’re carrying too much fat then that is a whole body problem that requires a whole body solution.

To burn fat, you need cv exercise to raise your heart rate. The Street Fit® Workout is ideal for this purpose. Don’t despair if your efforts are slow to bear fruit; your body will tend to use fat from other areas of the body before chipping at the belly fat, so persevere and, before long, the inches should start dropping off.

The Street Fit® Workout has a core exercise section (demonstrated by Nathalie in our Core Teaser video) which includes rippling the body back and leg-kicks. This will strengthen your abdominal muscles, ensuring that your six-pack will emerge from your receding belly – just like an island rising from the sea as the tide goes out.

Ramp up your Resistance Work

In addition to your cardio work, make sure you start adding some resistance training to bulk up your abdominals. Not only will that increase your muscle definition (toning), the extra presence of heavy, energy-consuming muscle increases your metabolism, making your cv exercise even more productive.

Start with three sets of 10 crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts. When doing crunches, ensure that your hands are either in front of you or on the side of your head, never behind. You should start exhaling on the lift, pause at the top and release the rest of your air. There is no need to lift your back off the floor with crunches.

Sit-ups should be performed with arms folded on your chest and your feet restrained (by a partner or wedged under a bar).

Leg-lifts can be done from the floor and you should try raising them to 90 degrees. Alternatively, they can be done when hanging from a bar.

When these exercises become comfortable, add weights or other challenges (e.g. exercising on an inclined slope, increasing repetitions, etc.)

Fine-tune your Food

Finally, tweaking your diet can have profound effects on your success. Eating a sufficient breakfast will reduce the need to have a large lunch, which can make you drowsy and inactive in the afternoon. Likewise, a large dinner can cause weight gain if you have finished working for the day and just want to relax. Space snacks out throughout the day to keep your metabolism ticking over and make sure you eat enough lean protein – after all, you don’t want your body to start using your hard-won six-pack as fuel. Substituting refined grains for whole grains has also been shown to help reduce belly fat.

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Why It’s Never Too Late to get Street Fit®

Hip-hop may be the hottest dance trend of the moment, but don’t for a minute think that more mature dancers are excluded from the Street Fit® family. If you feel your dancing dreams are behind you and that it’s too late to change direction now, this message is for you.

Staying the Distance

The most conspicuous aspects of hip-hop dance are often the flexibility of the dancers’ bodies and the speed and intricacy of the choreography, and it is true to say that suppleness and agility peak during our younger years. However, the other half of the coin is all about the hours of perseverance and effort that goes into each performance. Although it’s impossible to generalise, older dancers often have more stamina and dedication and can provide an important role model for younger dancers to look up to.

Jenny Belingy, hip hop and R ‘n’ B diva, summed up the challenge: “Keeping pace with the younger dancers…not to work as hard as they did but to work harder.”*

This effort can also be applied to the marketing side of the street dance industry, an area where a bit of real world experience can be a real bonus.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

One advantage that older dancers have, and one often noticed by Jenny, was the ability to see the wood without getting lost in the trees. Whereas younger dancers tended to be preoccupied with speed and showmanship, the more mature tended to have more of an understanding of the choreography as a whole and could actually pick up routines more quickly as a result. Once a movement has been perfected, the tempo can then be gradually increased. Before you know it, you will be performing those same moves that you once thought were beyond your capability.

A Realistic Outlook

It takes a certain amount of life experience to discover your priorities and to learn how to make the most of the opportunities available to you. If you have your own family, spending more time with them is probably one of your ongoing goals. In addition to the career opportunities available, the Street Fit® Workout itself will keep you fit and healthy for longer and help you set a good example for your children. Even if you don’t have children, you might want to reclaim more time to do the things you love. Running just a few classes a week could be your ticket to making those important lifestyle changes that make all the difference.

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Why Your Bones Need Exercise Too

Osteoporosis – it’s a painful bone disease that is commonly associated with post-menopausal women, especially the elderly. But make no mistake, even young adults, children and men can be at risk. Sufferers often experience no symptoms in the early stages, becoming aware only after they break a bone after an innocuous bump and undergo a bone density test. However, osteoporosis is largely preventable and the sooner you get into good habits, the easier it will be to maintain good bone health into your later years.

Build Bones with Street Fit®

As you might have guessed by now, regular exercise is good for your bones – but not just any exercise, and some exercises are better than others. Bones need to work against gravity to become stronger, and the best type of exercise for that purpose is weight-bearing aerobic exercise (supplemented with weight-training, for optimal benefits).

Weight-bearing aerobics requires you to support your own body, so swimming and cycling are less effective than running, tennis and dance, for instance.

Jump Around!

It seems that House of Pain may have been dealing out some sound, bone-healthy advice with their iconic track: ‘” Jump Around!’

High-intensity weight-bearing aerobic exercise is particularly beneficial to the bones. This is defined as any exercise where both feet leave the ground, so if you want to dance your way to a fitter, healthier frame, make the most of those leaps and flips.

If you have a history of bone breaks or already suffer from osteoporosis, let your instructor know and stick to low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Staying on Your Feet

Another way in which dance fitness can lead to a longer, better quality life is by improving your balance and co-ordination. It is a sad fact that hip fractures due to falls often mark a significant deterioration in the life of someone with osteoporosis. By learning good posture and co-ordination, dancers can reduce the risk of suffering such a fate.

Supplement Your Skeleton

In terms of diet, the two most important nutrients for promoting and maintaining bone health are Calcium and Vitamin D. We lose Calcium on a daily basis, yet our bodies do not produce it. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products like milk and cheese, fruit, and also from some green vegetables including spinach and broccoli. It is recommended that we take in 1,000mg per day (most of which goes directly to the bones and teeth) – more after the age of 50.

In order to absorb Calcium, we need Vitamin D. This is manufactured by the body when exposed to UV light, so we need to ensure we get enough daylight – especially in the winter months.

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So How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Stronger bones, improved posture, better mental health, enhanced cv fitness…the list of street dance benefits goes on. But for many people, the big attraction of workouts like Street Fit® is the promise of shedding weight. In this post we’re going to focus on weight loss: how many calories you can burn, how many pounds you can lose and why fast-paced dancing is the best way (in our opinion) to achieve your weight loss goals.

Burning Calories: the Numbers

Researching the calorie-burning potential of dancing can leave you with all sorts of figures. Depending on the source you visited, you might come back with anything from 150 to 650 calories an hour; why the big difference?

For a start, some statistics will differentiate between recreational dancing and dance fitness, whereas others will lump them in together. Needless to say, light ballroom dancing isn’t a patch on Street Fit® in the weight loss stakes, so you can safely raise your calorie-burn expectations to at least 250 calories per hour. In fact, the constant working out of the heavy lower-body muscles pushes Street Fit® well into the high-intensity aerobic workout category.

The next major determining factor to consider is your current weight, which makes a huge difference in the number of calories burned in an hour. Looking at the statistics on, a person weighing 130 pounds and participating in high-impact aerobics will lose an average of 413 calories an hour, whereas a person weighing 50 pounds more will be burning 572 calories an hour.

This too is only part of the picture, since there are other factors that cause these figures to vary per person, including:

  • Gender (men burn more calories than women of the same size – sorry girls)
  • Age (younger people tend to burn calories faster)
  • Cardio-vascular fitness (will improve the more you workout, improving your fat burn)
  • Lean muscle mass (more muscle means more calorie-burn, hence the gender difference; this also will increase in time as you build more muscle)

From Calories to Pounds

Once you’ve found out how many calories you will be burning in a session, you will still need to convert that into weight loss. To help you work this out, you will need to be metabolising 3,500 calories a week more than you are taking in to lose one pound of weight. If you do decide to cut down on calorific intake though, you need to be sensible and ensure you are still getting a nutritionally balanced diet.

The Icing on the Cake

The great thing about Street Fit® dance is that weight loss comes with a special added bonus – muscle definition. At the same time as you are burning off those pounds, you will be building muscle mass in all those areas that will make you the envy of your colleagues and friends. Unlike the artificial bulk that results from heavy resistance training, the ultimate Hip Hop Workout® will leave you looking naturally toned and in great shape.

StreetFit® is one of the few CPD, REPs Certified workouts around. Awarded the highest grade, level 4 for a full body active workout.

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