How Hip-Hop Makes You Happy

Autumn’s now truly upon us and if you’re one of those people who struggle with the lengthening nights and lack of light, then this post is for you.

Moderate aerobic exercise (e.g.  a Street Fit® workout) is already known to be effective in fending off nasty physical diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure (a big risk factor for stroke), but your body also comes with its own store of mood-lifting chemicals, and it appears that their release is also triggered by 10 to 30 minutes of vigorous exercise. Their scientific name is endogenous opioid peptides, but most of us know them by a different name: endorphins.

Why do we release endorphins?

Evolutionists have a theory about this. When we were hunter-gatherers, we often travelled huge distances in search of food. Continuous running in a hostile environment would inevitably lead to bone and joint problems. In response to the pain, some humans were able to release endorphins, the body’s natural analgesic (pain-killer), enabling them to continue moving and ultimately survive. Therefore, according to these experts, we have all evolved to produce these chemicals in response to heavy exercise.

Not just a pain-killer

As with all opioids, endorphins not only mask pain and increase pain tolerance; they also produce an intense feeling of wellbeing, known as euphoria. The effects are similar to that of the drug morphine (the word is a contraction of ‘endogenous morphine’), but it doesn’t come with the same dependency risk, since endorphins are very quickly broken down by enzymes in the blood. In addition to endorphins, exercise triggers the release of other feel-good chemicals such as adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine – and reduces levels of stress-causing cortisol.

Long term effects

As well as the immediate positive feelings, there is evidence that regular exercise benefits mental health in the long term. Older adults who have exercised throughout their lives report lower rates of depression and tend to recover more quickly from bouts of mild to moderate depression. The physical benefits of aerobic exercise will also help to improve self-esteem and mood: as weight is lost and muscles are toned, people become happier with their appearance and more in control of their lives. Endorphins even have a sedative effect, which is great for those who have trouble sleeping.

Keeping Company

Although endorphins are produced after any vigorous exercise, whether running, cycling, dancing or swimming, working out in a group has the bonus of ongoing social contact. Being with other people can provide much needed social support when you’re feeling under the weather.

Please note, if you are worried about your low mood, you should seek immediate help from your GP.


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Flawless Entertainment as Hip-Hop meets Ballet

If you’ve ever wanted to see a ballet dancer attempt some B-girl floorwork in a tutu, or wondered about the battement skills of international street dance superstars, then you won’t want to miss the collaboration between Flawless and the English National Ballet, currently touring the UK.

The show ‘Against Time’ pits the dancers against an envious time-obsessed professor who, having lacked the confidence to dance himself, subjects his dance students to dull, repetitive exercises. Worse still, the grumpy man has managed to acquire a mystical hat that gives him the power to manipulate time (why does that always happen?)

Cue a rollercoaster street dance and ballet fest, with the All Star Academy (aka Flawless and the ENB) treating the audience to plenty of hip-hop breaking and funkstyle moves – not to mention the odd pirouette or two – as they embark on an entertaining and very surreal adventure. With a lively soundtrack that includes Maroon 5’s ‘Moves Like Jagger’, House of Pain’s ‘Dance Around’ and memorable tunes from Moulin Rouge and Swan Lake, there is something for everyone in this show. One of my particular favourites was the scene where the Academy guys and girls find the Professor’s journal and pass it from one to the other in an intricately choreographed piece.

So what prompted this hybridisation of styles? After meeting for the first time in 2011 at Buckingham Palace, while performing for Her Royal Highness the Queen, Flawless head choreographer Marlon ‘Swoosh’ Wallen approached one of ENB’s head director’s with some initial concepts…and it took off from there.

The collaboration proves what Street Fit® have been saying from day one: it doesn’t matter what dance background you have, you can benefit from street dance. The ENB dancers have found themselves working upper body muscles that they rarely get to use, while some of the Flawless members re-experienced their classical ballet training (yes, you read that right!). It also demonstrates the value of busting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

It even turns out that some of the ballet queens are avid street dance fans. ENB soloist Jenna Lee is from Brixton and regularly attends the Breakin’ Convention, an international hip-hop festival.

I won’t spoil the story by revealing how Flawless and the ENB finally win their race ‘against time’ and thwart the villain, but there is a serious moral to this story: If you have a desperate desire to dance and you don’t act on it, you could end up becoming an evil, twisted professor!

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Street Fit®: The Serious Alternative

Serious dancing for serious success

There’s a lot of confusion in the dance fitness industry at the moment and it’s not surprising. As more and more companies seize the opportunity to jump on the dance fitness bandwagon, the trend has been to mix and match anything and everything in an attempt to create something truly unique. While that can be a good thing and lead to real innovation, sometimes it is just an excuse to throw a few ‘cookie-cutter’ dance steps to music and hey presto – a new dance craze. Unfortunately, that sort of approach doesn’t create dancers it creates clones, and that’s not what Street Fit® is about!

Street Fit®, the Hip Hop Workout®, is different: we actually teach you to dance and while this may stretch you at first, like all worthwhile achievements should, persevere and you will find yourself attaining new heights of satisfaction. We welcome those who have grown bored of trotting out the same old routines and want to inject some new life into their dancing. If you have previous training in fitness and/or other dance formats, we will help you utilize those skills and take them to a higher level.

No 99% Pass Rate

Although the majority of people attending the Street Fit® Instructors Course will pass with flying colours, we can’t match the 99 per cent pass rates that some other dance companies profess to have. We’re pleased with that because that shows us we’re providing something of real value – not a carbon copy of what’s already out there. If you expect to just turn up, go through the motions and get a certificate you will be sadly disappointed; there are other courses out there for you.

Let Street Fit
® Launch Your Career

As we have been trying to promote, Street Fit® is as much about the right attitude as it is about dance ability. The right blend of creativity, self-expression and determination enables Street Fit® instructors to master the initial choreography before moving on to create their own. On the other hand, even the simplest choreography will remain lifeless if it’s fed to you on a plate, requiring no effort on your part.

The rewards of your time, effort and initial investment will become clear as you begin to realise that Street Fit® instructors are in a class of their own. Therefore, treat the Street Fit® instructors’ course as a launch platform rather than a prescription and prepare to soar to new heights of personal success.

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