Six Ways to Strengthen Your Business

Whether you’re already up and running your own Street Dance Fitness business or still unsure whether you have the skills required, this information is for you. All successful businesses need to be competent in the six areas below, and if you have those areas under control you have the makings of a successful Street Dance Fitness enterprise.


This is probably one of the most difficult areas to get right as a start-up business. Hiring a specialist market research team is beyond the budget of most small companies and yet it is vital that you understand what your potential customers are looking for. Online software and processes such as bulletin board and webcam focus groups have made DIY market research more common, but you still need to know how to interpret the results so consider taking a short market research course.
Many small enterprises opt to study a smaller sample of people in more depth and rely on talking to people and listening carefully to their responses. You probably know people who are already attending dance fitness classes, so ask them why they chose those specific classes, what the pros and cons are and how they could be persuaded to go to a class like yours.


There are so many people offering opportunities in business that it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. Clearly you have to spend some money to get going: few people will trust an unqualified fitness or dance instructor, and you would be hard-pressed to find anyone offering free qualifications. On the other hand, don’t fall into the trap of equating cost with value. Just because a franchise runs into five figures, it doesn’t follow that your path to success will run smoothly. Street Fit® have been careful to price our Instructors’ Courses to be affordable to the majority of people who are serious about making a future for themselves.


While you won’t need many of the business systems that big corporations do (production, HR, distribution, etc.) you will need to be organised in two main areas: customer records and accounts. But don’t panic! Neither of these areas need to involve much more than a spreadsheet or two, and there are plenty of cheap and free software programmes about. It can take some shopping around before you find a system you’re comfortable working with, but once you’re set up it’s just a case of organising your time so that you keep on top of the data entry. Some people choose to nominate ‘admin days’, whereas others prefer to work on a day-by-day basis. If you’re not comfortable with using spreadsheets and databases, there are plenty of affordable IT courses that would be worth considering.


It can be easy to get excited and blow large amounts of money on marketing campaigns or business systems that promise the Earth. A more sustainable approach is to set aside a small percentage of profit for sales and marketing and think carefully about what you are going to spend it on. Track the results over a month or two using promotional codes or web-based analytics as appropriate.


Every industry is in constant change, driven by competition and new trends and technologies. In particular, the dance fitness and fitness instructor industry never stands still, so you should be constantly staying on the pulse and making use of new styles, concepts and technologies.


A basic two or three year business plan is essential to keep you focused on your performance and targets. This should include a profit and loss projection and a cash flow projection to ensure that you will:

a)    Make a profit
b)    Have access to the cash needed to keep the business going

See our previous post for more detailed information on business planning.

Is Street Fit® the Real Deal?

Any investment in your future needs to be carefully considered, and we understand the need for caution before trusting any company with your money and time. Dance fitness programmes like Street Fit® are revolutionising our relationship with exercise, but what are the benefits in joining our family?

Please Read the Small Print…

We don’t claim to be the only successful dance fitness company out there, but we do like to think of ourselves as one of the most generous. We also like to keep things simple, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises:

The initial Street Fit Instructor’s Training Course, including the license, costs just £285 and is renewable annually, with no need to attend another course; the workout DVD and Street Fit® Volume One music is provided free. Monthly online Street Fit membership, though highly recommended, is optional and costs just £12.50 a month. Membership is worth its weight in gold with regular choreography and music releases to inspire you, and our valuable marketing and corporate support at your service.

Our structure is also refreshingly simple. We don’t create hierarchical networks of franchisers and managers, instructors and substitute instructors. Street dance is about being free to live, dance and express yourself, with no unnecessary restrictions. You get your license; you run your own classes.

We Create Our Own Celebrities

We could have invested a large proportion of our capital on attracting celebrity endorsement, but we prefer to create our own celebrities. We don’t want to have to charge our members four figure initial franchise fees (plus compulsory monthly fees) to cover the costs. The dancers you come across in the Street Fit® promotional videos might not (yet) be household names, but they are talented, accomplished professionals who have come through a rigorous selection process to become the faces of our brand. They have just the right blend of charisma, attitude, fitness and technique that we demand of a Street Fit® role model. As long as you find them inspiring, that’s all the celebrity we need.

Hip hop is Happenin’

Dance styles move on, and what was popular in the Nineties, and even the early years of this Century, have fallen out of favour with the masses. Obviously, if you are looking to maximise attendance in a dance fitness class you have to provide what’s popular, and right now that’s hip-hop/street dance. Whereas some dance fitness companies choose to mix elements from different dance styles, and even non-dance disciplines, we provide pure, undiluted street dance. That way, we can help you build up a loyal, devoted customer base with committed dancers who know exactly what they’re getting each week.

Our History Tells Its Own Story

If you still need convincing that Street Fit® is not just another flash in the pan, just take a look at our legacy. Our parent company, CreativeVolt, has plenty of experience in running street dance workshops for schools and corporations up and down the country, and is well-positioned to lead the field in this exciting new fitness phenomenon.

More Than Just a Wise Investment

At £285, Street Fit Instructors’ Courses are designed to have widespread appeal, providing a viable career path for anyone with a serious interest in dance or fitness. After all, street dance has always been about involving as many people as possible rather than being restricted to the few who can afford it.

Our Street Fit Instructors mean everything to us. We rely on them to consistently deliver our groundbreaking dance fitness workouts in a safe and effective way, so we’ve invested heavily in their success. From the day they get their Street Fit licence, they will have everything they need to get ahead in the competitive dance fitness industry.

How to build a brand

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither was Street Fit. When Trap Media first made the decision to fuse street dance and aerobic fitness, they knew it would be a major undertaking. To give you an insight into what is involved in creating a powerful, professional brand like Street Fit , here are just a few of the things we had to invest in:

  • High definition video and DVD production
  • Professionally produced, original music
  • Legal and administration costs
  • Marketing.
  • Research and Development
  • Professional logo design and corporate identity
  • Writers
  • Consultants
  • Presenters
  • Choreographers
  • Brand development

That’s why we are as committed to your success as you are.

Becoming a Street Fit Online Member will give you complete access to the fruits of all of that labour with in-depth video training, continuously updated routines and music and enhanced corporate and marketing support.

Giving Something Back

As a social enterprise, Street Fit is more about putting something back into the community. Born during the aftermath of recession, Street Fit was raised to help as many people as possible find their way into a career that was both rewarding and enjoyable. This also has a knock-on effect for the economy in general; entrepreneurship is widely recognised as being a key component in economic recovery.

But Street Fit’s ultimate aims go beyond that of creating successful entrepreneurs and helping people make a living. The UK’s well-documented obesity problem is a national tragedy, and most worryingly it is affecting our children. By drawing on the popularity of street dance, Street Fit aims to rekindle our love of fitness and movement and steer the country in a new direction.

So by booking your place on a Street Fit  Instructors’ Course you will be doing much more than launching a new career for yourself, you will be investing in the future of our country.

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