Dance Class Marketing in the New Economy

Marketing your street dance fitness class in a time of economic uncertainty will require you to plan very carefully. When people are jittery about the future, they are more hesitant in parting with their hard-earned cash, and will need convincing that they can’t get a better deal elsewhere.

Use Free Platforms – and Over-Deliver

Nothing in business is truly for free, but using social media has to be the lowest cost alternative to paid advertising that exists (with the exception of free word of mouth promotion).

So make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or whatever other platforms you’ve signed up for by packing them with as much content as your time allows. Why? Because if there’s one sure thing to say about your customers, it’s that they will have questions. Whether they want to know what colour the dance floor is, how many people are in your dance fitness training class or what your phone number is they should be able to find the information quickly and easily. If they can’t find what they’re looking for in front of them, they might check out the competition’s page – or the moment to take action might just pass them by.

If you do decide to look into paid advertising, whether online or out in the local community, be very careful with how you spend your money. Ad sales people can be very persuasive (that’s their job), but you need to know that you are paying a good price to reach the right people, in the right area, in sufficient numbers.

Try to find out how many of your dance fitness certification ads will be circulated, where they will be seen and who they will be targeted at. A well-placed ad can repay its value several times over but may cost slightly more than a cheaper ad that doesn’t fit your needs.

Have you really checked out the competition?

Before you can sell your street dance training certification classes to prospective customers, you have to know exactly what it is those customers want – and offer it to them.

Sounds simple, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of measuring yourself only against the dance studio across town while completely missing the fact that all your potential students are enjoying the free ‘swim and dine’ offer at the local pool, or bulk ordering supplements from the new health shop promoting the latest diet craze from America.

Try to broaden your idea of what a competitor is. In reality, it is anything that competes for your members’ time – even (and perhaps especially) free activities such as going to the beach or sitting on the sofa watching CSI.

Next, jot down a list of advantages and disadvantages between you dance fitness course and your competition. Once you have done that you will have a clearer picture of the benefits you can highlight, while seeking to compensate for – or at least minimise – your challenges. For example, you might find that you can make up for a lack of car parking space by tweaking your class times to fit in with a low-price bus service.

By performing this exercise, you won’t be wasting time and money promoting factors that your target market are just not interested in.

Get Out in the Community

As mentioned earlier, free word of mouth publicity is gold dust in marketing, and you can do a lot to help get the message out there without spending a penny. First, by providing first class customer service and answering queries promptly you will increase the chances of members talking positively about your street dance training class and even recommending you to their friends and family.

Really get to know your members and find out what they do for a living and what their close relatives do. There may be opportunities for cross-promotion right under your nose.

Look at what’s going on in your community (fairs, sporting events, charity functions, etc.) and get involved, your Local Authority website is a good place to get started as well as your local newspaper. If you are qualified to provide dance fitness for kids – Street Fit Kids® classes you might consider providing a prize of a free dance fitness class for your local school fair raffle. Or you could perform a demonstration at a sporting event and get the audience to join in.

Whatever you decide to do, by making sure you spend your money wisely, you will increase the chances that people will invest their limited funds in a Street Fit® future with you!

Keeping the Fire Burning

The ability to live life on your terms and to earn a healthy income along the way is one of the main benefits of becoming a dance fitness instructor. That doesn’t mean that you won’t experience challenges along the way.

At different points of your journey you might find yourself wishing for more opportunities, more members or more inspiration.  Browse the following tips and keep the fire burning through the difficult times.

Dancing is not just classes

One of the first things you might do when setting up a dance fitness business is to find out the demand in your local area and create morning, evening and weekend classes to suit. Although this makes perfect sense, if you find that you have time on your hands in the middle of the day, consider some alternative strategies. Perhaps you could kick off a mums-only fitness group and provide a crèche. Another idea would be to approach your local authority and enquire about suitable projects for dance instructors, or to ask at your local schools. The bonus with Street Fit® certification is that it is REPS accredited, which will help you when bidding for contracts.

Market yourself daily

Marketing can seem a time-consuming and daunting process, but committing yourself to small, regular steps can bring significant results. Even if you did just one marketing activity a day (e.g. post on Twitter, record a YouTube video, design a flyer or even speak to a neighbour about your new class), just imagine how much progress you can make in a month. Some dance fitness instructors have reported a clear correlation between increased marketing effort and more customers in the door.

Retain your regulars

In your natural quest to attract more feet off the street, don’t shoot yourself in your own foot by ignoring or, worse still, inadvertently penalising your regulars. If you charge a £20 yearly registration fee, for example, your loyal fan base will not take kindly if you waive it for all new customers while charging them to re-register. Always remember that retaining existing members is far more cost-effective than recruiting new ones, so make sure you make them feel special.

Are some of your dancers ready to teach dance fitness classes themselves? Perhaps you could show them support by offering discounted master classes to prepare them for their own Street Fit® Instructor training.

Build your knowledge base

Street Fit® membership is designed to provide you with a constant stream of new choreography, music and learning opportunities to keep you and your members engaged in hip-hop dance fitness. Even if you are not a member, you should still keep on top of your craft by researching new moves and styles; the latest trends and fashions and anything else that can inspire and/or educate you. The more you learn and incorporate into your classes, the more you will grow as a teacher and as a dancer.

Try StreetFit® today and see the powerful new craze is not just a dance!

5 Ways to Fear-Free Marketing

We have got plenty of marketing tips to give you to help you establish your Street Fit® class in your area, everything from researching and analysing your market and attracting new customers, to building customer loyalty and promoting yourself online

But sometimes, the barriers to effective marketing are not to be found in the outside world, but in your own mind. If you find your efforts thwarted by unwelcome thoughts and feelings, then this message is for you.

1.       Challenge your unhelpful thoughtsWhen you are lacking in self-confidence, you will often find yourself wrapped up in thoughts of failure and inadequacy.  To nip these destructive thought patterns in the bud you will need to start challenging the accuracy of these thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. One way to do this is to follow each train of thought to both a best and worst case scenario. You will probably find that the benefits of taking action far outweigh any potential risks.

2.       Don’t compare!The way you run your Street Fit® class is as unique as you are, but it can be difficult to fully appreciate your own strengths if you compare yourself to other people. While it is always good to draw inspiration and knowledge from others, avoid the temptation to judge yourself by their standards. It is more important to be yourself and to keep on developing as a dancer and teacher.

3.       Do something!Marketing yourself and your classes can be scary, but the best way to conquer those fears is to just go ahead and do something. Taking action will immediately direct that nervous energy into a constructive goal, and success breeds confidence and further successes.

4.       Be PreparedFear of the unknown can hold us back from trying new things, so the more knowledge we can arm ourselves with, the better. For example, if you are due to speak to a gym owner, enlist the help of a supportive friend and practise a role-playing scenario. Anticipate likely questions and prepare some standard answers.

5.       Enjoy the AdventureOn the other hand, no matter how well-prepared you are, life is never completely predictable. Try not to get too hung-up on goals and targets; opportunities can arise from the least expected direction, so be attuned to what is going on around you. Let go of the outcome and enjoy the ride; after all, Street Fit® is all about creativity and freedom.


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Eight Tips for Marketing on a Tight Budget

Paid-for TV, radio and online advertising have their place, and in an ideal world every business would have the opportunity to spread their message far and wide using the mass media. In reality, the costs involved are often too high for a small company or sole trader, with even a modest advertising campaign in the local press running into many hundreds of pounds. To make matters worse, it is often difficult to assess the effectiveness of advertising.

If the above is crippling your marketing activity, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways to get your message across to the people who matter, and without breaking the bank. Here are ten marketing tips that will cost you little – if anything – to roll out.

1.       Networking

Otherwise known as meeting people!  Whenever you are at a social occasion (dinner party, work outing, local fayre, etc.), be sure to let plenty of people know what you do. Not only does it help you with breaking the ice, you could pick up some new customers along the way. Always make sure you are well-presented and have a handful of basic, economical business cards with you.

You should also research formal business networking organisations in your area. There are often membership fees to pay but, if you are lucky, you may be able to join at a basic free or low-cost level.

2.       Attend Charity Fundraisers

Rather than spending money, donate some of your time to performing at a local village fayre, summer fete or sports fundraising event. Again you should bring plenty of business cards and, ideally, flyers/leaflets to hand to interested parties.

As well as getting out and about to meet the locals, you might be fortunate to find yourself getting some free publicity via the local newspapers or radio station. And it always feels good to support a good cause.

3.       Cross-Promotion

Carefully select a relevant local partner and offer them something in return for spreading the word. For example, you could present the local sports shop with discounted membership vouchers that can be given out with every order over £15.

4.       Create some VIPs

Everyone likes to feel a bit special, so find a business in your area where you think your classes could appeal. Perhaps there is a manufacturing firm that provides lots of work for local people; pop in and offer staff an exclusive VIP membership card which will give them a discount or some other perk. Add an expiry date if you want to encourage a timely response.

5.       Host an Event

Put on a social community event where people can turn up for free and ask questions, tour the premises, etc. If you already have classes running, organise a Street Fit® demonstration so people know what to expect. Incentivise your event by offering something of value to people who show up, for example free refreshments or an exclusive gift.

6.       Spy on your Competitors

We’re not suggesting you turn up at a rival class with a Fedora hat and a trench coat, but take every opportunity to discover what your competitors are doing and how they are promoting themselves.

More importantly, identify gaps in what they are offering. Do all other classes have to be booked for a number of sessions? Consider offering drop-in sessions. Are there only mixed classes available in your area? Set up a men’s-only group.

7.       QC your Website

Could you be shooting yourself in the foot with a poorly-designed website? Whether you have your own site or are promoting yourself in a directory, look at your profile with a fresh pair of eyes. How long do you think it would take a potential customer to find your prices, location, telephone number and email address? Ask a friend or family member to note down all those details and time them. If they are still struggling after two minutes then you probably need to rearrange and simplify your information.

Download time is another issue, especially for those with slower computers. Research has shown that if a page takes a few seconds too long to load, people will usually click away. A major reason for pages loading slowly is if they’re packed with multimedia content. Consider moving your ads, videos, music etc. to a separate page and leave the home page clutter-free.

8.       Become a Regular Blogger
There are plenty of free blogging platforms out there, which means free online marketing. What’s more, posting regularly – weekly at the very least – will improve your search engine rankings, making you more visible to people searching for dance classes online. Becoming an authority on your special topic (whether that is dance, fitness or nutrition, etc.) will also enhance your credibility.

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More Strings for Your Marketing Bow

So your website’s up and running; you blog regularly; you post on Facebook; tweet on Twitter and even have the odd video or two on your YouTube channel. Is there anything more you could be doing online?

If you still have the appetite for even more social media, then there are two very different avenues you might want to explore:

1.       LinkedIn: Business-only Networking

LinkedIn is a popular business networking site used by over 150 million people and with a host of handy features that can help promote you as a dance professional. Unlike Facebook and their ilk, you won’t find any distracting games, wacky photos or juicy gossip – LinkedIn is purely a no-frills business tool.

You will need to spend some time filling in your profile, which is based on a CV concept. For example, there is a section for your employment history and education, and you can also select from a wide range of skills. Unlike a real CV, you only need to add the information you think is relevant to effectively promote yourself.

LinkedIn presents information in an organised, user-friendly way. If you hover your cursor over a contact it will bring up a small box with their name, job title and company displayed.  Once you have begun connecting with people you will be able to see their immediate connections. LinkedIn uses a networking tree structure and you can quickly see whether a person is directly connected to you or if they are linked through someone else. You can even give and receive recommendations and skills endorsements from people in your network.

2.       Pinterest: What’s the Point?

Pinterest is different. There are some similarities with the more well-known social media platforms: for instance you can ‘like’ what other people have to offer, and you can post comments, but there the similarity ends. Pinterest works on the concept of a virtual pin board (or set of pin boards) on which you pin images that inspire you. An application called a ‘pinmarklet’ can be easily installed to enable you to grab any images you find and add them to one of your boards. Pinterest suggests a selection of standard boards, but you can add, delete or rename them as you please. There are now secret boards that you can share with selected people. The images you post from the web include links to the sites from which they came, enabling browsers to click through to find out more.

You may be thinking that this seems an unlikely way to recruit new members to your dance classes, and you would probably be right. Many people, particularly those who are visual thinkers, use this platform as a way of finding inspiration and organising their own thoughts. Type in ‘hip hop’ or ‘street dance’ and see which boards inspire you.

LinkedIn and Pinterest are two very different social media platforms that you may want to consider adding to your repertoire. Are there any others that you would recommend for dance professionals?

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What Can YOU Do to Promote Fitness?

“Be the change you wish to see in this world”. It’s a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi, but how can it apply to UK fitness lovers in the 21st Century?

Many of us are now getting caught up in the Olympics buzz and getting behind Team GB (or whatever country we hail from). But such a keen focus on athleticism can also highlight the general need to promote fitness to those who might struggle to motivate themselves out of a sedentary existence.

Of course, most of us know that eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly will help stave off nasty diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and liver disease, but some of us need an external push to make those changes.

If you’re into fitness and want to help spread the message, take Gandhi’s advice and become a role model for others to follow. Here are some steps you can take:

1.       Set up a Fitness Group

Gandhi attracted a huge international following, but you could just start small – with your own community. Find a place to meet up (perhaps a church or a community centre) and invite people you know to join you in a run, bike ride or other fitness pursuit. By choosing a regular time and place you will be helping to create a routine which others can follow. As people get to know one another, your group will become a source of motivation and support.

2.       Share Your Story

Facts tell but stories sell! If you want to encourage others to follow in your shoes, let them know what fitness has done for you. Whether you’ve trimmed five inches off your waist, dropped two dress sizes or developed a six-pack, remind them that every journey starts with a single step. Share the heartache as well as the joy, helping to create a connection that lasts through periods of struggle.  The more colourful your story, the more likely people will be to remember it.

3.       Make Fitness Your Life

The ultimate way to educate others about the benefits of fitness is to start turning your hobby into your career. There are so many paths available for the aspiring fitness and lifestyle pro, including:

    • Personal Trainer (one of the fastest growing professions)
    • Fitness/Gym Instructor
    • ETM/Aerobics Instructor
    • Wellness Trainer
    • Fitness Advisor
    • Nutrition Specialist
    • Pilates’ or Yoga Teacher
    • Street Fit® Instructor

If you look around, you will see that there are many companies offering diplomas and certificates, including NVQs and NVQ Diplomas. Ideally, you should find a course that is REPS accredited, so that you can prove to prospective employers that your skills meet the National Occupational Standards.

Just like our Olympic athletes, you know that keeping active gives you a wealth of benefits from increased energy and self-esteem to a trimmer, slimmer physique. Now its time to spread the message and get Britain moving!

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Marketing in a Nutshell

Not everybody is going to want to come to your classes! There are certain sectors of society who are not in the slightest bit interested in street dance and wouldn’t come to a Hip Hop Workout® if you paid them. Fortunately, there is a big enough target market out there to keep you in business; the key is in rooting them out. That is what marketing is all about.

Your Marketing Strategy

The first step in marketing is to understand how ‘the market’ is made up. It is possible to categorise the public into general groups or segments, each with similar needs and preferences. These groups can include gender groups, socio-economic groups and geographical groups, for instance.

A marketing strategy is simply the way in which you intend to identify those needs that can be met by your product (i.e. Street Fit® workouts),and the details of how you will reach the relevant market sector and address those needs more successfully than your competitors. A successful marketing strategy means more members on the door and increased earnings.

An example:

You might identify that the people in your town are bored of low quality aerobics classes and are looking for a high quality alternative. As a result, you might decide to make full use of the high-definition promotional videos and professional branded marketing materials that Street Fit® make available to you. On the other hand, if people are looking for a low cost fitness option, you would focus more on providing discounts or free tasters (although it is unwise to simply reduce rates as this implies reduced quality).

Your marketing strategy should include which media channels you intend to use. All forms of promotion cost a certain amount of time and/or money, so it is always better to target your efforts rather than take a ‘shotgun’ approach.

The Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is simply the organised manifestation of your marketing strategy. Although there are various formats you can use, every marketing plan should at least contain your marketing objectives, a list of actions you intend to take to meet those objectives, and how you intend to monitor the effectiveness of those actions. A marketing plan should take a long-term view and detail how you will ensure customer satisfaction and hence retention.

Need Extra Help?

If you still feel out of your depth, don’t forget you can ask for advice other Street Fit® Instructors via our membership site (for details of how to become a member, visit

There are also resources, templates and links to reputable marketing courses via the government’s free business website,

For details of two popular marketing analysis tools, see tomorrow’s blog post.


What To Do When Content Loses Its Crown

Content is king! That’s the mantra you often hear from entrepreneurs and of course they’re right…partly.

That’s why Street Fit have invested so much time and money in creating a workout structure that really gets results, and a membership program that delivers regular instalments of fresh choreography. In our industry, results really count and if customers can’t shift the pounds, can’t see an improvement in muscle definition or simply aren’t enjoying themselves they’ll be off to try something else.

Are you’re sensing a ‘but’ coming up?

But how can a new Street Fit Instructor, perhaps the first in the area, entice people through the doors to sample this great content in the first place?

The trouble is, the fitness industry attracts all sorts of businesses, some genuine, some trying to make a quick killing – even some just trying to win ‘The Apprentice!’

Many of these wily companies are well aware of the tendency for some, particularly the young, to be easily swept up and carried away in a current of hype, desperate for a quick fix. Some will spend plenty of capital on dressing up their inventions while spouting all sorts of questionable facts and figures to support their fitness claims.

Step 1: Fly your banner high

The simple truth is you will have to be noticed to attract interest; to convince the next generation of fitness enthusiasts that you mean business, you need to present a flawless, polished image which breathes life and excitement Fortunately, Street Fit have the marketing knowhow to compete at the highest level. We’ve amassed a talented army of professionals to create compelling promotional videos guaranteed to capture short attention spans. Our design and writing teams collaborate to produce marketing materials of the highest calibre, with high impact visuals and persuasive messages. All it takes is for Street Fit Instructors to make sure they use the tools provided.

Step 2: Show them the kingdom

Once your clients step through the door, it’s your task to turn them into loyal subjects. Make sure that you provide a workout experience that pushes everyone yet is achievable; follow the Street Fit workout structure so that the necessary warm up, cardio and cool down sections are in place and keep a careful eye on technique and body alignment.

On a personal level, from day one start building rapport with everyone. Take an interest in their lives and ask for constructive feedback. During classes, move around the class and give equal attention to all members (after all, they all pay the same fee, don’t they). Commit to continued development by keeping abreast of the latest moves and trends in the street dance/hip hop genre, and be hungry for knowledge.

Before long, you should experience the fruits of your work. As you become locally known as the trusted street dance expert, your reputation will be the crown that keeps the pretenders to your throne at bay.

Give Them What They Want

According to industry leaders MRS, market research is the ‘collection and analysis of information about markets’. Put simply, it means gathering information from prospective customers and working out what that all means for your business.

Perhaps you have a choice of two venues: a large city centre based gym, well positioned but with a lot of competition from other fitness centres, and a smaller, less central community centre with no other health facilities for miles. Which should you choose?

There is a myth that an entrepreneur would just go with their intuition and risk making the wrong choice, but most successful business owners believe in calculated risks, not recklessness.

Market research is the only way to test your ideas for viability and is an important tool in a Street Fit® Instructor’s kit.

Isn’t Market Research Expensive?

Professional market research is pretty costly, usually reaching into four figures. That’s testimony to how important it is to know exactly what your customers want. However, for all but the most serious, established Instructors, the cost is simply too great. Professional market research is really for those with huge budgets at stake, where a 1-2% variation in the market demand can make or break a product.

The simple alternative, suitable for the new business owner, is to do it yourself. With a bit of basic grounding, there is no reason why you can’t get all the information you need to set up a profitable operation.

Two Types of Research

The first distinction to be aware of is that between primary and secondary research.

Primary research is conducted directly with the market. It comes from tools such as face-to-face interviews; telephone or internet surveys and focus groups (small structured groups focused on one issue/topic).

Secondary research comes from reading the results of previous market research studies, including those compiled by government agencies and interest groups.

While secondary research is easy to come across, and is usually nicely summarised, it is wise to remember that the goals of pre-existing studies would probably have been different to yours, and that the information is likely to be dated. Secondary research can also be misleading if it has been conducted on a different demographic group from your local one.

Primary research is often more time-consuming and requires more effort but, as with most things, the results are worth the extra work as you will be collecting data that is fresh and relevant.

How to conduct market research

A great way to carry out effective market research is to get out and among your potential members. Not only will you be able to gauge interest on the street, you can also combine it with PR, generating a buzz in your local community.

Creating your own focus group is easy too. All you need is a free or reasonably priced venue to host it, some refreshments and a list of discussion points.

The advent of social media has made peer surveys a lot easier to conduct. Simply spread the word via your favourite social network and ask for feedback. Some networks even enable you to host free polls which are ideal for simple either/or decisions (e.g. would you prefer a morning or evening class?)

Whatever method, or combination of methods, you choose, ensure you include as many people as possible (maximise your sample size), and try to contact a variety of different people within your target market.

Be Creative With the Results

Market research should rarely be used as an excuse to give up on a cherished idea. Instead, try to use the results to fine-tune your plans.

For example, if hardly anyone is interested in your evening class, because they’ve got children, consider providing a crèche facility.

Finally – Don’t Ask the Family

While it is fine to ask family members for their opinion and support, it is unwise to base your business decisions on their advice (unless one of your parents happens to be a successful entrepreneur).

Most parents fall into one of two categories: those who will say anything to please you, and those that will be overly sceptical because they don’t want you to be hurt by failure.

By carrying out your own market research, you will have given yourself the best insurance against that risk, and started building the foundations of a successful street dance fitness business.

Street Fit Online Members

Becoming a Street Fit Online member will give you the confidence and backing of Street Fits Marketing might! If you are looking to have a helping hand or get ahead of competition becoming an online member will really give you the boost you need!

Street Fit online members are the most dedicated and prepared of all Street Fit® Instructors. Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Latest Street Fit music
  • New choreography received every quarter
  • Training via the online members’ area of SFTV, the member-exclusive online video platform that
    provides an array of choreography, music and marketing tips to support and enhance
    instructors’ skill sets.
  • Marketing and class templates – letters to clubs and clients, waivers, health & safety forms, letterhead/business card templates, speciality logos and more.
  • Strategic marketing support from one of the largest fitness companies in the world.
  • An online community-oriented forum featuring round-the-clock support, feedback, tips and
    leads from fellow Street Fit members around the world
  • The ability to have your own ‘Street Fit’ web address
  • Discounts on attending Street Fit Events
  • Discount on future training and products

In addition to the existing course materials we will now pass on what we have learned from taking extensive courses on SEO and Online Marketing:

  • How to grab an extra income every week
  • How to make sure you get paid whether your clients turn up or not
  • How to attract new members that you have never met or talked to
  • How to give your clients fast results they need quickly and easily
  • Learn to make money while you sleep
  • Priceless shortcuts and online information that would take you YEARS to figure out by trial and error

Just as importantly, the monthly online membership keeps you in touch with other Instructors and the Street Fit team, expanding your network and helping you feel supported and well-connected.

All this additional support is provided for one reason: to make it easier for you to promote yourself and earn more money.

If you have yet to attend one of our compulsory Street Fit Instructor Training Courses, you will have the opportunity to sign up for club membership on the day. If you are already a certified Street Fit Instructor, just give us a call and we will be happy to upgrade you.

Your Customers are Ready

Throughout the country, thousands of men and women are coming round from their Christmas and New Year’s excesses and preparing to return to normality. Young and old alike are, as you read, wistfully pinching inches, consulting with the bedroom mirror and struggling to pull up zips and fasten buttons. In a few weeks time they will be taking up new gym memberships, starting dance fitness courses, like our exciting new Street Fit classes, or finding other ways to address their body shape concerns through 2012.

Between now and then is a once in a year period of opportunity, where the remnants of 2011 are being left behind and choices and actions are being made that will shape the next twelve months. If you are intending to teach fitness or dance classes then a huge bulk of these people will be your customers…if you want them. Time is ticking.

The dance fitness industry: it’s all in the timing

As every business owner in a niche market will tell you, there are key annual events that you need to be in tune with. The home improvement stores all release advertisements around the bank holidays, the holiday companies launch new brochures for January and February and ice-cream vans are more prevalent in the summer. For the dance fitness industry, the New Year is the key period for marketing dance fitness courses, because:

  • People are making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight or tone up – now!
  • People are looking to try new activities – now!
  • People are looking for ways to meet new people – now!

Street Fit’s innovative fusion of street dance and fitness workout provides the strongest platform for anybody wanting to get ahead in the dance fitness and dance industry but, if we haven’t made it clear yet, time is starting to run out for those who want to maximize their customer-reaching potential.

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How Street Fit will help you get ‘em and keep ‘em

First of all, we are offering you the chance to become a Street Fit Instructor, for a relative pittance, by enrolling in one of the remaining places on our January and February Street Fit Instructor courses.

By getting your hands on one of our exclusive Street Fit licences, you will automatically give yourself an edge in the battle for securing new members, especially from the younger generation. Our eye-catching Street Fit logo and high-definition video promos will give you that touch of style and professionalism that will stand out in the competitive field of dance fitness.

By becoming a Street Fit member, we will also help you keep the buzz going. It is a well-known fact that many New Year’s resolutions fizzle out after a few months. It doesn’t have to be that way. One of the secrets to keeping members motivated is ensuring your dance fitness courses remain fresh and relevant. Street Fit members can do this effortlessly by making use of our regular updates, including new workouts and original music.

If you’re already waiting to attend your Street Fit Instructor course, you’re well on your way to making 2012 a life-changing year. If you’ve yet to book your place then now is the time to make that commitment because time won’t wait for you…and neither will your customers.

If you are looking to book a Street Fit Instructor Course then contact us today call us on 0800 689 9909 or email