Street Fit®s Newest Family Members Manchester

After the festive break and New Year. StreetFit® Instructor course was back in action at Manchester creating 7 new, highly trained StreetFit® instructors, allowing them to spread the revolution of Street Dance with their own personal passion and style.

Each Instructor took to the Studio and learnt the essence of teaching, being verbal and visual allowing dance steps and choreography to be easily learnt by their own students.

Each StreetFit® instructor can now teach in gyms, studios and even the streets with the StreetFit® Brand REPs level 4 fitness certification.

So if you need to burn of the excess calories from your festive break or uphold your new years resolution, head on down to a class near you and try a fat burning routine.

If you want to teach a revolutionary fat burning street dance routine join the StreetFit® family, and be allowed to teach Street Dance Fitness® classes anywhere in the UK, USA, Europe, Australia and Japan simply logo on

Congratulations to the newest members of the StreetFit® Team! Enjoy Teaching what you LOVE!

Dance Fitness Training – Join The Street Fit Family

A big well done to everyone who attended another successful dance instructor course in London this weekend with our dance fitness trainer Geri.

These are the names below:

  • Courtney Box
  • Abigail Steed
  • Katie Collins
  • Sarah Beaumont
  • Natalie Higgins
  • Stacey Evans
  • Claire Norman
  • Liv Oistad
  • Marianna Sokhan

Dare to dream big and change your life today by booking onto a dance training course, once you’ve got your dance training certification these are just some of the amazing benefits you can hope to see:

– You can earn extra money
– You can be your own boss
– You can improve your confidence and stay in Killer Shape!
– And…You can help people…Have a lot of Fun, Feel More Confident, and Get in Shape.

Next weekend Street Fit heads to Manchester for another great dance training course! Don’t miss out, book YOUR place today and earn your dance training certification.

Welcome to The Street Fit Family

A massive congratulations to all the newest members of our Street Fit® family who attended our Street Dance Fitness course this weekend in Manchester! We received a lot of great feedback, such as how well the course was ran and how informative, helpful and inclusive the entire Street Dance Course was.

A big positive taken from the day was the amount of diverse dance instructors from different dance backgrounds with a wide range of varying ages, shapes and sizes. The array of instructors is always a testament to the street dance fitness course, with instructors boosting 25 years of experience in the Dance Fitness Industry to a brave entrepreneurial 18 year old who is just starting out.

It’s fantastic to see so many of our instructors taking the smart decision to invest in our SF Kids Licence, adding another sting to their bow and increasing earning potential no end. Many of our instructors are using the SF Kids brand in innovative ways to open doors that before they couldn’t by offering services such as –

– Kids Parties

– Working within Schools – Offering alternatives to PE lessons

– After school dance fitness classes

The Street Fit Instructor course is ideal for anyone 18 years and over looking to start their own street dance fitness business, currently we have a mixture of instructors from diverse backgrounds including Exercise to Music Instructors, Performing Arts Graduates, Street Dancers, Group Exercise Instructors, Freelance Dance Teachers, Choreographers, Gym Instructors, Personal Fitness Instructors and other dance fitness teachers and trainers.

Do you think you have what it takes to be part of the Street Fit Family? Stop saying tomorrow, stop wishing for it – Make the change today and Become A Street Fit Instructor

Join The Street Fit Family

Don’t let yourself feel guilty about Pancake Day, burn the calories off by attending one of your local Street Fit Classes!  Or even better become part of the Street Fit Family with one of our Street Fit Instructor Course’s, just like our newest recruits from London and Birmingham!

We had some great feedback from both of the weekend’s course and it’s fantastic to hear from you! Head over to Street Fit’s Facebook Page, let us know what you think and share with your friends! Have you got what it takes to be Street Fit…..these guys have! Become Street Fit! #IamStreetFit