Pick ‘n’ Mix: The Hybrid Instructor

Not just a dance instructor

Back in the Seventies and Eighties, when aerobic dance was becoming established as a commercial success, most instructors had enough on their plate learning the fundamentals of their chosen form, attracting customers and coming up with choreography. In today’s fickle, high-paced market, the rules have changed.

Enter the hybrid instructor. Today’s professionals in the dance fitness business need to know more than ever before as the previous division between dance instructor and personal fitness trainer becomes increasingly blurred. The terminology has also changed: the term ‘aerobics instructor’ is rarely heard now, with many fitpros marketing themselves as ‘group fitness instructors’.  Dance instructors now need to have a good understanding of physiology and motivational techniques, etc. which is why Street Fit® Instructors are encouraged to take advantage of monthly membership to access exclusive content and build upon the strong foundations built during the Instructors’ course.

What value can you add?

Understanding the changing requirements of fitness professionals will give Street Fit® Instructors the advantage over competitors who think it is enough to learn the moves and perform in front of a class. In a previous post, we talked about the increasing popularity of small group training and this is the ideal platform for demonstrating your knowledge of how diet, exercise, posture and mental attitude combine to enable people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Adding extra value to your classes in this way will go a long way towards building a loyal and committed customer base.

Of course, you should never overstep your boundaries and claim expertise in areas you have no real qualifications in, but it may be worth considering taking on extra training once you are pulling in a decent income; after all, you can usually claim the costs back against tax as an allowable expense.

Other ways to mix it up

Even if you prefer to stick to being a great Hip Hop Workout® leader, with minimal involvement in fitness training, there are other was in which you can diversify your portfolio and make use of non-dance skills. For example, if you are interested in the latest technology, you could explore the possibility of offering dance classes over the internet or creating DVDs. If writing is your forte, you might enjoy setting up a regular dance fitness blog and/or newsletter. Are you knowledgeable about diet and nutrition? Perhaps you could provide recipes or diet tips for your members.

The important message to take home is that the age of the hybrid instructor is upon us, and you need to make use of every opportunity to keep up with the best.

Is Street Fit® the Real Deal?

Any investment in your future needs to be carefully considered, and we understand the need for caution before trusting any company with your money and time. Dance fitness programmes like Street Fit® are revolutionising our relationship with exercise, but what are the benefits in joining our family?

Please Read the Small Print…

We don’t claim to be the only successful dance fitness company out there, but we do like to think of ourselves as one of the most generous. We also like to keep things simple, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises:

The initial Street Fit Instructor’s Training Course, including the license, costs just £285 and is renewable annually, with no need to attend another course; the workout DVD and Street Fit® Volume One music is provided free. Monthly online Street Fit membership, though highly recommended, is optional and costs just £12.50 a month. Membership is worth its weight in gold with regular choreography and music releases to inspire you, and our valuable marketing and corporate support at your service.

Our structure is also refreshingly simple. We don’t create hierarchical networks of franchisers and managers, instructors and substitute instructors. Street dance is about being free to live, dance and express yourself, with no unnecessary restrictions. You get your license; you run your own classes.

We Create Our Own Celebrities

We could have invested a large proportion of our capital on attracting celebrity endorsement, but we prefer to create our own celebrities. We don’t want to have to charge our members four figure initial franchise fees (plus compulsory monthly fees) to cover the costs. The dancers you come across in the Street Fit® promotional videos might not (yet) be household names, but they are talented, accomplished professionals who have come through a rigorous selection process to become the faces of our brand. They have just the right blend of charisma, attitude, fitness and technique that we demand of a Street Fit® role model. As long as you find them inspiring, that’s all the celebrity we need.

Hip hop is Happenin’

Dance styles move on, and what was popular in the Nineties, and even the early years of this Century, have fallen out of favour with the masses. Obviously, if you are looking to maximise attendance in a dance fitness class you have to provide what’s popular, and right now that’s hip-hop/street dance. Whereas some dance fitness companies choose to mix elements from different dance styles, and even non-dance disciplines, we provide pure, undiluted street dance. That way, we can help you build up a loyal, devoted customer base with committed dancers who know exactly what they’re getting each week.

Our History Tells Its Own Story

If you still need convincing that Street Fit® is not just another flash in the pan, just take a look at our legacy. Our parent company, CreativeVolt, has plenty of experience in running street dance workshops for schools and corporations up and down the country, and is well-positioned to lead the field in this exciting new fitness phenomenon.

Street Dance Fitness: What’s it all About?

Millions of people worldwide have now fallen in love with the new dance fitness craze, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dancing is not only fun; practised regularly it can promote effective weight loss. Even Robbie Savage, the recently retired pro footballer, admitted he lost an inch off his waist during his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Why is Dance Fitness such a good way of losing weight? As with any aerobic exercise, dance fitness workouts employ the big, oxygen-hungry muscle groups of the body.

The extra demand for oxygen requires a huge response from the heart, lungs and blood vessels (the so-called cardiovascular system).

All of this high-intensity action requires a fuel source – carbs and fats.

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Look good; feel good

Many of us could afford to shed a few pounds here and there, but looking good is about more than just your BMI.

Although a leaner body will give muscles more definition, the shape (tone) and size of those muscles can be finely sculpted using dance fitness workouts.

Street dance fitness workouts are particularly beneficial to the legs and glutes, but don’t worry; if you want a flatter, more defined abdomen or a stronger upper body there are specific movements that can target these specific areas.

Of course, if fitness was easy we would all be boasting lean, trim physiques but working out requires effort and commitment.

Doing the same exercises week in, week out can become boring, and boredom has a catastrophic effect on your motivation. You find yourself losing stamina and this reduces the fat-burning potential of your workout.

This is where Street Dance Fitness suddenly starts to demonstrate its unique appeal. With new dance routines to master, you will always have a positive reason for attending your dance fitness class.

Once you’ve learned the latest movements, you can show them off to your peers the next time you hit town.

The Hip Hop Beat

And then there’s the music. Street Fit workouts are performed to energizing, high tempo music that is designed to get you moving, while forgetting that you’re actually working.

Once you’ve mastered the Hip Hop eight count, you will have found the key to the street dance choreography and your progress will soar.

And There’s More

There are extra benefits too, including:

1. An improved social life, whether you’re looking to make new friendships or win over that hot guy or girl at the club!
2. Better co-ordination, enabling you to move with more style and grace – on and off the floor.
3. More flexibility, keeping your body youthful and strong.
4. More flexibility, keeping your body youthful and strong.

Watch This Space

If you’re raring to get started, Street Fit workouts should be coming to a city near you soon. If you can’t wait for that, consider becoming a Street Fit Instructor yourself.

By attending our one-day Instructors’ Course you can grab yourself an exclusive licence to teach Street Fit classes in your area.

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Instructor Training London

With the recent launch of our website which includes many promotion videos we are now very pleased to say that Instructor Training Dates for street dance fitness have now been released.

You now have the chance to become a fully licensed Street Fit Instructor and can start making money and become part of the Street Fit family.

A breakdown of how the day will run is as follows:

Course Duration 6 hours with a 1 hour break for lunch

Registration, then a full day of Street Fit Instructor Training.

The Street Fit Street dance fitness course provides instructors with the tools needed to run Street Fit classes by the end of the day you will gain valuable teaching tools, routines and guidelines to be a certified Street Fit Instructor.

This course is aimed at anyone with a passion for dance or fitness, with a basic understanding of dance.

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Participants will complete the day able to demonstrate an understanding of
what Street Fit is, as well as the ability to deliver it in a fun and safe way utilising a variety of dance styles.

8.45am – 9.15am – Registration
9.15 am – 9.30am – Introduction To Street Fit – Course Outline
9.30am – 9.45am – What the Street Fit license entails
9.45am – 10.15am – Learn The Moves – Warm Up
10.15am – 10.45am – Learn The Moves – Upper Body
11.00am – 11.30am- Learn The Moves – Lower Body
11.30am – 12.00pm – Learn The Moves – Cardio
1.00pm – 1.30pm – Learn The Moves – Core
1.30pm – 2.00pm – Learn The Moves – Cool Down
2.00pm – 2.15pm – Health & Safety
2.30pm – 2.30pm – Street Fit Member Benefits
2.30pm – 3.00pm Assessments

Course aims:

1) To give you an understanding of Street Fit.
2) To give you the tools and marketing you need to make money.
4) To deliver Street Fit Classes and or workshops.

On successful completion of the dance fitness course you will be able to teach a Street Fit session.

To successfully complete the course participant must:

Complete the multiple choice assessment and a practical session which will be observed by our trainer.

The result of both assessments will be added together to give the final result.

On completion you will receive an exclusive Workout DVD to be able to practice the routines in your own time, Instructor Manual to refer to techniques and teaching styles, and Street Fit – Volume 1 our royalty free music to teach your workout to and most importantly the Street Fit license to be able to teach Street Fit exclusively for a year.

Pass and start teaching Street Fit classes and making money it’s that simple!

Course costs £285 which includes 1 year license fee.

Call Trap Media to book your place today, places are limited to a first come first served basis.

0800 689 9909 press option 1 or email

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