Take the First Step with Street Fit – Hope is the answer (but only half of it)

There is little doubt that anyone who wants to find success in the Street Dance Fitness Industry is going to need to go into it with an attitude of hope – otherwise why would they get out of bed every morning? There’s nothing that stifles ambition more than taking an overly gloomy perspective on everything. Some people maintain that their depressive outlook is more ‘realistic’ than pessimistic, but there are many people out there who have achieved success against the odds, so the naysayers can’t always get it right. Make sure you achive success and beat the odds with Street Fit.

Hope is not an action

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a brighter future, hope can only provide half of the answer. As we mentioned before, hope is an attitude but it doesn’t actually achieve anything in its own right. Living purely in hope is akin to those people who bury their heads in a romantic book and dream about the man (or woman) of their dreams waltzing into their lives. It could happen that way, but it would be far more likely (and happen more quickly) if they were to put the book aside and concentrate on starting the process of meeting new people.

In a similar way, a new business venture requires a sound strategy, with hope at its foundation, if it is to bear fruit. If you are looking to get started in the dance fitness industry, then a Street Fit Licence is a good practical base on which to begin building your future life.

But sailing through your Street Fit® Instructor’s course and sitting at home waiting for members to hunt you down will leave you sorely disappointed. Certification is only the first step in the process and you will need to actively promote yourself and the Street Fit® brand if you’re going to get feet in the door.

Learn to walk first

If you are daunted by the thought of all the things you will need to do to run your business, remember that you don’t have to go into things full throttle. For example, if you’re nervous about self-promotion, you can start by just talking to people you already know. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to generate buzz, and you will soon build up the confidence to start approaching strangers. Just as in ‘the Hare and the Tortoise’, persistence will win out, so make a pledge to do a little each day rather than burn yourself out in one go.

The little successes that come to you will then go towards strengthening your initial foundation of hope, and so the cycle continues.

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