SGT: The Latest Trend in Fitness Training

To be successful in the street dance fitness® industry you need to be ahead of the game!

You can achieve this by talking to your customers and other local people; building relationships with other fitness professionals; attending fitness conventions and subscribing to relevant publications and websites. In this way you will be alerted to changes in mood or popular new movements, and able to adapt your classes to be prepared rather than struggling to catch up.

One of the trends that is reaching the awareness of the big fitness companies (as well as the fitness professionals’ association, Fitpro) is the increasing popularity of small group training (SGT). In fact, they believe that this move towards SGT is going to be one of the big themes of 2012.

Why do people want SGT?

Small group training is exactly what it says: fitness training that is taught to small groups (with classes typically numbering between four and six members). There are several advantages to small group training compared with other class formats:

  • Each member gets more of the instructor’s attention
  • Quicker feedback and correction means quicker progress
  • It is easier to keep all members at the same level of ability
  • There may be more access to limited resources (including floor space!)
  • Each member can contribute more to the class
  • It is easier to target training to certain areas of development
  • There is more social interaction than with one-to-one
  • SGT is (usually) cheaper than one-to-one training
  • Small groups tend to be more unified, intimate and motivated

What this means for you

Ignore this at your peril!

Clearly, if your potential customers are looking for SGT, they are not likely to sign up to a big class. Nor are they going to choose one-to-one training. If the big players are correct, you may need to look into the viability of driving down your class sizes. Of course, with fewer members per class, you will need to ensure you are charging enough to compensate.

If you are fortunate enough to already have a large, successful class, don’t take it for granted. Perhaps you could look at adding an occasional master class, whereby those who are interested can benefit from some extra small group training. On the other hand, if you have a number of private clients, you could suggest the option of creating a small group and saving them money.

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