Why It’s Never Too Late to get Street Fit®

Hip-hop may be the hottest dance trend of the moment, but don’t for a minute think that more mature dancers are excluded from the Street Fit® family. If you feel your dancing dreams are behind you and that it’s too late to change direction now, this message is for you.

Staying the Distance

The most conspicuous aspects of hip-hop dance are often the flexibility of the dancers’ bodies and the speed and intricacy of the choreography, and it is true to say that suppleness and agility peak during our younger years. However, the other half of the coin is all about the hours of perseverance and effort that goes into each performance. Although it’s impossible to generalise, older dancers often have more stamina and dedication and can provide an important role model for younger dancers to look up to.

Jenny Belingy, hip hop and R ‘n’ B diva, summed up the challenge: “Keeping pace with the younger dancers…not to work as hard as they did but to work harder.”*

This effort can also be applied to the marketing side of the street dance industry, an area where a bit of real world experience can be a real bonus.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

One advantage that older dancers have, and one often noticed by Jenny, was the ability to see the wood without getting lost in the trees. Whereas younger dancers tended to be preoccupied with speed and showmanship, the more mature tended to have more of an understanding of the choreography as a whole and could actually pick up routines more quickly as a result. Once a movement has been perfected, the tempo can then be gradually increased. Before you know it, you will be performing those same moves that you once thought were beyond your capability.

A Realistic Outlook

It takes a certain amount of life experience to discover your priorities and to learn how to make the most of the opportunities available to you. If you have your own family, spending more time with them is probably one of your ongoing goals. In addition to the career opportunities available, the Street Fit® Workout itself will keep you fit and healthy for longer and help you set a good example for your children. Even if you don’t have children, you might want to reclaim more time to do the things you love. Running just a few classes a week could be your ticket to making those important lifestyle changes that make all the difference.

It’s always good to have Goals in life, and to try something new- try to become a member today , it’s never to late –http://www.streetfit.tv/become-instructor

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