Why You Shouldn’t Work Towards Happiness

Are you one of the many people who have grown up being taught that if you work hard enough you will create a happier lifestyle? Well, according to some psychologists that kind of thinking is wrong-headed and can actually slow down your path to fulfilment and becoming the best Dance Fitness Instructor you possibly can.

The problem with success

In his research within the American educational system, author and lecturer Shawn Achor came time and time again across the belief that hard work brings success which leads to happiness. He explains that the problem with this idea is that by constantly moving the goalposts of success, happiness disappears over the horizon.

To put this in context, you might set yourself the goal of becoming a Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructor but, after passing the Dance Fitness Course, you hold off on happiness until you’ve started teaching classes. After successfully holding your first class, you switch your focus on turning a profit – and then a larger profit, etc.

In his experience, Achor discovered that external factors, such as the University you graduated to, had little bearing on happiness, since most people habitually focused on the stress and competition in their lives, no matter what their circumstances.

So, if happiness isn’t a result of success, where does it come from?

Creating a ‘happiness advantage’
According to Achor, happiness is all about the way you process the world – the lens through which you see it. And the good news is that you can immediately start the process of ‘rewiring’ your brain to create a happiness advantage. For 21 days, you need to:
•    On a daily basis, think of three things for which you are grateful
•    Relive one positive experience every 24 hours through journaling
•    Take part in physical exercise such as Dance Fitness class to teach your brain that behaviour matters
•    Practise meditation to combat the ‘cultural ADHD’ that multi-tasking has caused in most of us
•    Carry out random acts of kindness (e.g. sending an appreciative email to a colleague)

The benefits of being happy
Achor explains that happiness causes the release of dopamine in the brain. Not only does that cause the pleasurable feeling that accompanies being happy, it also switches on the learning centres of the brain, increasing IQ and mental energy.
He also discovered that happy people outperformed on every business measure and were 31% more productive. In the workplace, he found that happy salespeople made more sales and happy doctors diagnosed more accurately.

Take the first step to success  and happiness with Street Fit Dance Instructor Course today!

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