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Would your organisation like to take part in the latest fitness and dance phenomenon focused on getting people moving, having fun and making real changes in their lives, changes which will have a knock-on effect to the local community and beyond.

Welcome to Street Fit

You could not have failed to notice the current massive national interest in dance, as reflected in the popularity of programmes like ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘Got to Dance’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’. And for the younger generation in particular, street dance troupes, exemplified by Diversity and Flawless, have become a source of inspiration.

Doesn’t this fascination with high-octane, edgy street dance seem so at odds with the growing problem of obesity in the UK?

That’s what we thought. And Street Fit was born.

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Invite us to your charity, school or corporate organisation and we will show your service users, children or employees exactly how to rediscover their love of exercise and get back into shape, through the dynamic medium of street dance. This isn’t a dry, lifeless seminar; it’s a vibrant, fully interactive workshop, taught by fully licensed Street Fit instructors. It will be talked about for days afterwards, if not longer.

Although accessible to all age groups, Street Fit is particularly aimed at children, designed to make them aware of the positive impact that eating and exercising correctly can have on self-confidence, self-expression and energy levels. A healthy child is a high performing child, more able to focus on their work.

If your event doesn’t fit into any of the above categories, or you’re worried we won’t be able to meet your needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can usually tailor the workshops to fit most requirements.

Call us today to book a workshop on 0800 689 9909 or email

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