Become A Street Fit Agent

If you’re currently a Street Fit Instructor and looking to add some extra income or if you simply are interested in dance fitness and want to make some money being a Street Fit Agent is an opportunity not to be missed!

So How Does It Work?

Being a Street Fit Agent is as easy as pie, all you need is a passion for street dance fitness and an enthusiasm for Street Fit. Its simple all you have to do is spread the word about our Street Fit Instructor Courses.

Having or building contacts will be vital in making sure that you can refer as many people to us as possible. We suggest gyms or dance studios, dancers and personal trainers; are the best source of interested individuals and an ideal target audience that can help earn you your commission.

There is no cost needed from you at all, you will just need to put in some hard work and time to ensure all you gain is pure profit. All you have to do is register with us to get a unique code and then start referring people to our course!

As an added incentive once your recruits contact us quoting your code they will get a reduced Street Fit Instructor Training Course fee so everyone is a winner!

What Are The Benefits of Becoming A Street Fit Agent?

Plus the following marketing benefits!

  • No start up costs with the potential to build a substantial business.
  • Uses a proven business formula.
  • Low risk.
  • A great deal of support and advice given.
  • Flexible -can be run on a full-time or part-time basis.
  • Highly expandable – no restrictions on territory.
  • Business can be run from your own home.
  • Builds your confidence and increases your communication skills.

Our Agents are our marketing and sales force. If becoming a Street Fit Agent appeals to you, please contact us today click here to find out more!

Simply email us or call on 0800 689 9909.

Make Street Fit Your Resolution

It’s the annual routine. Much of the country is winding down from work and preparing to enjoy a couple of weeks of excess, safe in the knowledge that the gyms will be closed until the damage to the waistline has well and truly been done.

Then comes the New Year, where a large proportion of the population earnestly pledge to shed the pounds gained during the festive season and dedicate this year to achieving that fitter, leaner body they have always wished for. Many people will be looking ahead to the Olympic Games and using that event as an extra source of motivation. Not only is that likely to mean more people signing up to fitness classes, it might also mean people attending classes for longer.

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All this is great news for Dance Fitness Instructors and, whether you already run dance fitness classes or not, it is worth asking yourself a question:

“Is it time to kick-start my dance/fitness career?”

Starting a new venture is a big step for anyone, but the rewards for success include more freedom, more control over your life and (for some) greater earning potential. There may never be a ‘perfect’ time to start a dance fitness business, but there are several reasons why we think you should consider signing up for a place on our Street Fit Instructors’ course today:

Plus the following marketing benefits!

  • Street dance fitness (including hip-hop and break dancing) is the hottest dance craze in the UK at the moment – and its popularity grows day by day.
  • Street dance particularly appeals to the younger generation, a motivated and dynamic sector of the market. Check out our Street Fit Kids Licence.
  • The end of January may be too late. By this time, those people acting on their New Year’s resolutions will have found a class.
  • There are still some places (at the time of posting). Our Instructors’ courses are filling up fast; don’t risk losing your place.
  • At £285, our Instructors’ courses provide a rare opportunity to get started in business for such a low price.

Could you go it alone?

Of course, it would be possible to print off a few flyers and promote your own classes, but only licensed instructors can teach genuine Street Fit® workouts. The benefits of investing in us include:

You also receive the following marketing benefits:.

  • A license to call yourself a Street Fit® instructor and teach Street Fit® workouts anywhere in the UK.
  • A professional image from a powerful brand, including high-definition promotional videos, original and royalty-free music and use of our distinctive logo and brand name.
  • Marketing and corporate support
  • The chance to become a Street Fit member and receive fresh workouts, music and other content on a regular basis.
  • Discounts on attending Street Fit® Events
  • Discount on future training and products

So before you prepare to wrap up this year, make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running in 2012. Book your place today!

If you are looking to find a Street Fit Instructor Training Course then click here alternatively you can contact us today call us on 0800 689 9909 or email


Street Fit Workshops

It really is no surprise that Street Fit Workshops are hugely popular in schools, they are current, cool and a form of dance exercise that the youth of today can really relate to. From an education perspective they are also a great alternative to a P.E lesson that will be sure to encourage and involve all in getting fit, learning together and having fun!

Street dance fitness has lots of key health and fitness benefits, in addition to those already associated with dance exercise. It is important to make everyone aware that Street Fit has combined the popular form of street dance with a fitness focus and edge.

Obesity, particularly in children, is a significant and growing problem and it is caused by two simple factors, an unhealthy diet not enough regular exercise to burn off the calories consumed. Street Fit is designed to make burning calories and exercising fun and engaging for all. With the high profile arrival of the 2012 Olympics to our shores, there has never been a better time to promote sport, dance and fitness and change the course of our young people’s lives.

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A Street Fit Workshops utilise a range of energetic bodily movements and learning techniques that are easy to pick up and fun to put into practice. As opposed to many traditional exercises, Street Fit moves may require the participant’s hands to support their body weight, as well as the feet and leg joints. Street Fit Workshops will strengthen these areas over time and greatly improve their flexibility. Once you master the basics of Street Fit your self-confidence will improve tenfold. Your body will feel healthier and happier, workshops a real confidence builder.

Not only do Street Fit Workshops help with fitness but they are a natural learning environment, making sure that all participants not only get exercise but focus on learning moves and routines.

If you are looking for a Street Fit Workshop then contact us today call us on 0800 689 9909 or email

Don’t forget we are the only provider of Street Fit Workshops and will ensure you get the experience you are looking for!

Free Street Fit Wear Worth £60

We are very excited to be holding our first street dance fitness course for Street Fit® on the 16th January 2012 at Expressions Studio in London.

The course is getting booked up fast so we urge you to book as soon as possible; as an introductory offer and to celebrate the launch we are offering you FREE Street Fit® Training Wear if you book by the 16th of December 2011.

Workout in style in your very own exclusive T-Shirt, Hooded Sweat and Joggers worth £60.

So what are you waiting for? Start your new future today and become a Street Fit Instructor.

To book your place simply visit the Street Fit Instructor page and find a course that suits you or contact us either by phone 0800 689 9909 or by email

Be sure to check out our videos which you can view on facebook or on our dance fitness youtube channel to give you more of an idea about what Street Fit can offer you.