The Changing Face of Fitness

There can be no doubt that the well-documented rise in obesity levels is related to a corresponding decrease in physical exercise among the general population. The emergence of the internet and the evolution of the entertainment industry, combined with more remote ways of working, have clearly contributed to this, as has the fitness industry’s inability to successfully promote their services.

The Role of Technology

Mobile technology and the internet have completely transformed the way we communicate with one another, as evidenced by the explosion in social media. Fitness companies and professionals need to stay connected to existing and potential clients. By ensuring we maintain a high profile on the social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube), Street Fit® works hard to tap into the current street dance fitness communities.

Technology not only has to be included in a fitness marketing campaign, it is also becoming the means through which many people now experience exercise. People now choose to keep fit through fitness, sports and dance games available on games consoles (e.g. Wii Fit). As this technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, the fitness industry will have to respond to keep pace.

The benefits of social contact and a structured workout need to be highlighted and new technologies introduced, where appropriate. For example, many gyms and health clubs are already offering interactive equipment, whereby users experience simulated realities via a computer screen.

Playing the Entertainment Game

One of the key reasons why Street Fit® is such a compelling offering is that we are tapping into areas that are already hugely popular. Young people love to listen to hip hop and R&B music and emulate their favourite stars’ moves. The chance to perfect those moves and end up with a body worth flaunting is an attractive proposition. These young media consumers are used to experiencing professionally produced videos and music, which is why so much resource has been put into creating quality promotional materials.

The street dance attitude is also in tune with modern youth culture, with its emphasis on the values of individuality and self-expression at the expense of strict, formal styles.

Rather than trying to promote working out as an alternative to entertainment, Street Fit® presents it as a continuation. As the internet and other technologies continue to tempt us into an increasingly sedentary existence, it falls upon innovative fitness pioneers to find new ways to stay in touch and get people out of the armchair.

Pain is not Paying

A key message, and one that Street Fit is eager to promote, is that fitness should be fun. The ‘no pain, no gain’ mentality, so often heard within the fitness industry, has not proved to be a popular maxim for those already disenchanted with the existing gym culture. It’s time for a more attractive proposition, one that appeals to a wider audience.

It is becoming clear that dance fitness programs are coming to the fore as a valid alternative to traditional fitness models. As a Street Fit instructor, you can embrace this exciting new concept and introduce your community to a fun-filled, fitter future.

Introducing Street Fit® Brochure

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A Light in the Dark

Do you hope for a better future?

The word ‘hope’ is not often associated with business and, when it is, people sometimes connect it with a lack of commitment to getting results. ‘Hope is not a strategy,’ is a common phrase heard in action-orientated workplaces and it is perhaps true, for example, that many people who ‘hope to set up a business’ never get around to taking the actual steps necessary.

As an attitude though, hope is much-needed at the moment, to combat the waves of pessimism and cynicism coming at us from all angles. Job losses, service cuts, obesity on the rise…it’s a wonder we make the effort to get out of bed in the mornings.

A hopeful disposition can actually inspire us to take action, rather than succumbing to the paralysing effects of despair. Martin Luther King knew this when he urged black Americans to ‘hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope’. With hope we can bounce back from setbacks and start each day expecting to succeed, rather than fearing failure.

With inflation starting to fall, and accountancy and business advisory firm, BDO, revealing an increase in business optimism between December 2011 and January 2012, there are encouraging signs for those looking to start a new venture this year.

A Source of Hope

As fitness instructors, we are also a source of hope to others. When life is unfulfilling it is understandable that many people stop doing the activities they once enjoyed and turn to comfort foods to cope. When the pounds start to pile on it takes a huge amount of motivation and endurance to turn the corner back to a healthy life.

You can become a role model to these people, giving them hope for the future: hope that they can regain control of their bodies; hope that they will avoid ill health and reach a good age; hope that other people will start looking twice at them.

By helping individuals to change, you are also helping society itself to change. A successful fitness industry is not only beneficial to the economy for the tax revenue it generates, it will also have a positive effect on the health service. In May last year, the Prime Minister David Cameron announced that obesity was costing the taxpayer £4 billion a year. This is not just the cost of treating obesity alone, but includes the health conditions where obesity is often a contributing factor (especially Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease).

Ultimately, by becoming a fitness instructor you can play your full part in a campaign which refuses to give up on our communities as places where we can earn what we’re worth, find fulfilment in the things we enjoy and live long, healthy lives.

And if you are still finding it difficult to motivate yourself under the weight of all the bad news, there is an old proverb worth remembering:

‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn’.


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Success and Survival

It’s time for a wake-up call.

Educational reformist, Charles J Sykes, once wrote:  “Your school may have done away with winners and losers. Life hasn’t.”

And anyone who is under the misconception that competition to survive has somehow grown out of fashion need only to visit the high street or read the news. Businesses are closing, people are being made redundant, homes are getting repossessed; this is the reality of life in the UK (and much of the world) in 2012.

If you’re currently not in paid work, you’re probably all too aware of how competitive life is right now. You may have lost your job as your employer cuts their bottom line to survive, or you may be one of many candidates battling for a limited supply of work. If you are one of the ‘lucky’ ones to be in work, chances are working conditions have deteriorated as you all pull together to survive the downturn; if your company fails, you fail.

Choose to Evolve

Most of us learned about evolution in school. This is the process whereby animal species change to adapt to changing conditions. It’s a harsh process, often referred to as ‘survival of the fittest’. Individual animals that didn’t have a warm enough coat, or were too short or slow or conspicuous simply died, leaving their more well-equipped peers free to reproduce and spread the desired characteristics.

Evolution in business is similar, but unlike other animals, humans have more of an ability to assess changing conditions and alter their own behaviour to ensure survival. Rather than keep your nose to the grindstone and keep on doing what you’ve always done (and getting the same results), what can you do to adapt to these tough times?

Taking Control

The more aspects of life you have control over, the more easily you can make positive changes. In the dance fitness industry that will ultimately mean self-employment. That does not mean everyone should immediately hand in their resignations – when survival is at stake, you need to know the difference between courage and recklessness!

Unless your hand is forced, the best strategy is to build up your dance fitness career alongside your current job, until you are in the position to make a smooth transition. That way, you will be able to test various strategies and build up experience and a following before starting out on your own two feet.

Analyse, Adapt, Assess

To position yourself to take advantage of current conditions, you first need to know what those conditions are. Take a look at what classes are on offer in your area and what prices and offers are available. Are they being marketed effectively? If not, how can you do better?

Talk to people; find out about their fitness goals and how they are (or are not) achieving them. What dance moves do they like, what music do they listen to and which MTV stars do they idolise?  Go to a class or two to see how your competitors operate and identify any areas of improvement that you could capitalise on.

After this initial assessment, do a thorough audit of your own business (or if you’re yet to get started, draw up a battle plan). Work on your weaknesses and don’t be afraid to change what’s not working. Embrace new technologies to demonstrate your relevance (e.g. add QR codes to your marketing materials to reach out to Smartphone users).

Just as in the natural world, evolution never stops. After making your initial changes, make sure you measure your success. Are more people joining? Are you making more money per person? Are you retaining more members? Use anonymous feedback forms to identify any issues among members.

Then go back to the beginning and assess all over again.

Success FOR Yourself, not BY Yourself

One of the biggest reasons that over 75% of fitness professionals are failing to reach their earning potential is an inefficient use of time. When you are in business for yourself, everything you do in pursuit of your business takes up valuable time, including:

·        Designing flyers

·        Writing letters

·        Creating new routines

·        Compiling music

And when you’re talking about creating quality HD promotional videos, and producing your own music, these activities are simply not feasible for most DIY dance fitness instructors.

Fortunately, Street Fit members have a lot of these survival essentials done for them, leaving them free to concentrate on building their teaching and dancing skills.

Your Killer Asset: You!

Always remember that evolution only happens because of individual differences. Nobody can do things in quite the same way as you and, in the end, this will be the key to building a loyal following that will enable you not merely to survive – but to thrive!


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Our Refer a Friend Scheme

Simply refer someone to one of our instructor courses & get paid £50 every time!

Even if you’re not interested in becoming an Instructor there’s is another chance to make money from Street Fit and not just a few quid some serious cash!

All you need is good understanding of what Street Fit is all about, possible contacts or a personality to spread the word. Once you’re a Street Fit Agent we will give you all the tools required to draw in potential clients for our courses, you can use our videos, images and our website to make sure you get the most out of being an Agent.

Contacts Are Key!

If you are looking to fast track and increase the amount you earn contacts are key in the dance fitness industry. Street dance fitness is all about knowing who to target and where the good leads are. Knowing people who work or own a gym, dance studio’s or are perhaps in the industry will give you the leverage to make sure you ultimately are pitching to the right audience, ultimately making more money.

The world is yours…

Let’s say you have no industry experience of any kind, is that going to stop you making money with Street Fit? The answer is no, you just have to be a naturally a sociable person, who has a love or interest in dance or fitness, confidence is beneficial in giving you a good solid foundation to be a successful Street Fit Agent. You could be a great sales person or have a strong knowledge of marketing. One of our current agents has no Dance or Fitness contacts they simply have over 5,000 friends on facebook who they target for our instructor courses. You may have a huge following on twitter or a social media presence that you could target, how difficult is it to tell your friends about something and make money from it?

No business set up costs or running costs

It’s so simple all you have to do is register with us and you’re up and running, there is nothing to lose why would you not just spread the word? You put the hours in and you reap the rewards. Start talking to people; you earn commission on the course fees of anyone who takes a place on a Street Fit Instructor Training Course. As long as they remember to quote your name, your recruits will also benefit from a reduced course fee. Everyone’s a winner.

So what are you waiting for?

We want hungry individuals who share our passion for street dance fitness and Street Fit, if you are interested and excited about potentially making lots of money or simply adding to your current income then jump on board we want you to become part of the Street Fit family!

Why Pay a Licensing Fee?

Why Pay a Licensing fee to Use a Name – When I Do All the Work?

This is a question we get asked occasionally – so we thought we better address it!

The answer is simple; you are not just paying for a name but you are paying for support. When starting a business it is important to understand that there are many elements to success.

Too many dance fitness instructors think that simply being good at what they do – motivating, educating, teaching, encouraging – will earn them a cult following of members and start a movement.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

You work in a field where thousands of dance fitness professionals are struggling just to get by. You need to do more than is a good instructor; you also need to be a smart marketer.

Being good at all of the success elements above is a winning combination, but if you are a terrible at website design, marketing, branding, video production, advertising – you will find that purchasing a license (use of the name) is probably one of the best investments you can possible acquire.

At an affordable £285, the Street Fit® Instructor Course is the perfect vehicle for getting up and running during an economic downturn.

To give you an insight into what is involved in creating a powerful, professional brand like Street Fit® , here are just a few of the things we had to invest in:

  • High definition video and DVD production
  • Professionally produced, original music
  • Legal and administration costs
  • Marketing
  • Research and Development
  • Professional logo design and corporate identity
  • Writers
  • Consultants
  • Presenters
  • Choreographers
  • Brand development
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That’s why we are as committed to your success as you are.

Marketing support is another reason why licensing is a great choice. Marketing in the dance fitness industry is very competitive and important. Active, effective and aggressive marketing techniques are needed to maintain steady membership to your classes.

Most licensing companies will also help teach you the necessary sales techniques to close sales to keep the customers that are gained through the leads that marketing gains your location.

Our Street Fit® Instructors mean everything to us. We rely on them to consistently deliver our groundbreaking street dance fitness workouts in a safe and effective way, so we’ve invested heavily in their success.

From the day they get their Street Fit® license, they will have everything they need to get ahead in the competitive dance fitness industry.

But Street Fit’s ultimate aims go beyond that of creating successful entrepreneurs and helping people make a living.

The UK’s well-documented obesity problem is a national tragedy, and most worryingly it is affecting our children.

By drawing on the popularity of street dance, Street Fit® aims to rekindle our love of fitness and movement and steer the country in a new direction.

So by booking your place on a Street Fit® Instructors’ Course you will be doing much more than launching a new career for yourself, you will be investing in the future of our country.



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Street Dance Fitness: What’s it all About?

Millions of people worldwide have now fallen in love with the new dance fitness craze, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dancing is not only fun; practised regularly it can promote effective weight loss. Even Robbie Savage, the recently retired pro footballer, admitted he lost an inch off his waist during his time on Strictly Come Dancing.

Why is Dance Fitness such a good way of losing weight? As with any aerobic exercise, dance fitness workouts employ the big, oxygen-hungry muscle groups of the body.

The extra demand for oxygen requires a huge response from the heart, lungs and blood vessels (the so-called cardiovascular system).

All of this high-intensity action requires a fuel source – carbs and fats.

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Look good; feel good

Many of us could afford to shed a few pounds here and there, but looking good is about more than just your BMI.

Although a leaner body will give muscles more definition, the shape (tone) and size of those muscles can be finely sculpted using dance fitness workouts.

Street dance fitness workouts are particularly beneficial to the legs and glutes, but don’t worry; if you want a flatter, more defined abdomen or a stronger upper body there are specific movements that can target these specific areas.

Of course, if fitness was easy we would all be boasting lean, trim physiques but working out requires effort and commitment.

Doing the same exercises week in, week out can become boring, and boredom has a catastrophic effect on your motivation. You find yourself losing stamina and this reduces the fat-burning potential of your workout.

This is where Street Dance Fitness suddenly starts to demonstrate its unique appeal. With new dance routines to master, you will always have a positive reason for attending your dance fitness class.

Once you’ve learned the latest movements, you can show them off to your peers the next time you hit town.

The Hip Hop Beat

And then there’s the music. Street Fit workouts are performed to energizing, high tempo music that is designed to get you moving, while forgetting that you’re actually working.

Once you’ve mastered the Hip Hop eight count, you will have found the key to the street dance choreography and your progress will soar.

And There’s More

There are extra benefits too, including:

1. An improved social life, whether you’re looking to make new friendships or win over that hot guy or girl at the club!
2. Better co-ordination, enabling you to move with more style and grace – on and off the floor.
3. More flexibility, keeping your body youthful and strong.
4. More flexibility, keeping your body youthful and strong.

Watch This Space

If you’re raring to get started, Street Fit workouts should be coming to a city near you soon. If you can’t wait for that, consider becoming a Street Fit Instructor yourself.

By attending our one-day Instructors’ Course you can grab yourself an exclusive licence to teach Street Fit classes in your area.

Book Your Place Today


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