Ever Thought ‘What if?’

Saying no can become a habit; before you know it, you’ve automatically rejected a suggestion out of hand and are now coming up with justifications for doing so. Lateral thinking guru Edward de Bono realised this stumbling block, and suggested swopping the word ‘no’for ‘po’, reminding ourselves that an idea is worth considering before making a final decision.

Are you addicted to the N-word? How about setting yourself a challenge. For the next week – or longer – whenever you dream about doing something out of your comfort zone, whether it’s taking up a team sport or running your own Street Dance Fitness classes, don’t dismiss it as fantasy. Try thinking ‘what if?’ instead.

Supersize your dream

You may have been told to scale down your ambitions in the past, to aim for something more ‘realistic’. Not this week! For this exercise you need to raise your expectations. Don’t aim to join a team, aim to be the captain; don’t plan to start a Street Dance Fitness class, plan to start the best Street Fit Dance class.

When you take the brakes off your aspirations, you release the power of hope and this, according to University professor and ‘hope scientist’ Shane J Lopez, is responsible for more than 10 per cent of productivity in any workplace.

So you’ve decided, for example, to start the best Street Dance Fitness business in the area. What next?

Prepare for the Bumps

You may already be thinking to yourself, ‘that’s just wishful thinking – nothing runs smoothly.’  True, so after harnessing the excitement of having a big dream you need to plan for major hiccups. What if no-one responds to your adverts? What if your chosen Street Dance Fitness Course venue proves to be unavailable or unsuitable? What if your day job becomes more involved and you need to devote more hours to it? You should begin to realise that no obstacle is insurmountable if you plan for it, and that planning takes away a lot of the fear that stops you from acting. A ship’s captain uses all of the knowledge and navigational aids available to get an accurate view of potential hazards – he or she doesn’t stay back at the harbour worrying that there may be hidden rocks.

Get some ‘intrusive support’

If you’ve been used to turning things down all your life, you may need reminding to break the habit. Enlist the help of a friend to provide that service. Lopez calls it ‘intrusive support’ and is another key to what he calls ‘strategising hope.’

So for one week (at least) try a novel approach: replace ‘no’ with ‘what if?’, dare to dream big, add in some contingency planning  and ask for some peer support. Make a change, start your new life, book one of Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructor Course now Here’s to your success!

Is Your Venue Suitable?

One of the first things on the mind of any aspiring Dance Fitness Instructor is, of course, the venue. It goes without saying that you will want to find somewhere that is in the best location possible for your intended market and at a price that’s right. But once you’ve got a shortlist of potential candidates, you will need to dig down a bit deeper into the pros and cons of each before making the big decision.

Here are a few factors that you should definitely bear in mind before signing any hire agreements.

Floor size and type

This will probably be the most crucial factor in ruling a potential Dance Fitness Course venue in or out. The dance floor must be big enough for your classes and has to be of the right type for Hip Hop dance. So bring a tape measure and your dance shoes.

In terms of size recommendations vary, but a floor of 90-100 square feet should be adequate for a class of twenty; size up to 120-135 square feet for thirty members and to around 225 square feet if you are planning to accommodate fifty.

In terms of material, there are as many advocates for traditional hardwood as there are for cheaper alternatives such as artificial floor tiles. What is vital for the health of your members is that the floor is not laid onto a ‘dead’ surface such as concrete. Hip hop dance is high-impact and requires a cushioning layer between the dance floor and the floor surface; sprung dance floors are very popular for just that reason. Types of surfacing also vary, and you will need a medium-quick surface for a Street Dance Fitness Course. Factor in maintenance costs as well (if they are your responsibility).


In an ideal situation, you should be able to precisely climate control your venue with a mixture of heating and air-conditioning. If your dance hall gets too cold you increase the risk of injuries, while a stuffy environment will feel uncomfortable. It can be difficult to find a venue that is perfect, especially since everyone feels the temperature differently, but as long as you avoid the extremes you should be OK.


It is nice to have coffee and tea facilities, but crucial to have a functioning bathroom or two. Extra plug sockets can be handy for lighting, music and maybe even a TV. Think about what other things might make your life that bit easier, like Wi-Fi, storage facilities or a snack machine, for example.

Parking and Transport

This is another huge, but easy to overlook, aspect of your Dance Fitness venue location. Is it within safe and easy walking distance from public transport, or would your members face a dark, secluded trek on a winter’s evening? If members are arriving by car, is there adequate parking (preferably free). Remember to give your venue’s post code on the contact details, for SatNav purposes, and check on various online map applications to see if the directions are accurate.


Some people have had the misfortune of moving in next door to the neighbours from Hell, and your dance studio/hall may have neighbours too. Ask local residents and businesses if there is much trouble in the area, and look around for evidence of vandalism or other anti-social practises. On the other hand, be wary of antagonising locals who may be a bit suspicious of street dance and Hip Hop culture. Be professional and welcoming to anyone who shows an interest in what you’re doing.

The Street Fit Dance Instructor – Six P’s Test

Are you the type of person who can be successful in business? Successful in Street Dance Fitness Industry? How do you tell? There are men and women of all ages and from a variety of ethnic, social and economic backgrounds making a name for themselves in the Street Dance Fitness Industry in the world of business, but what is it that sets them apart from those who are more suited to being in paid employment?

Street Fit Dance Fitness we’ve put together six attributes that we think all would-be business owners should have (or develop) if they are to make the grade. Could you pass the ‘Six P Test?’

1.       Personality

What do Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Donald Trump have in common? Despite their considerable differences in approach and background, they are all very much their own people; you wouldn’t exactly call them shrinking violets! You don’t have to be an all-out extrovert to be successful in business, but it helps if you are comfortable in being yourself and always act from your own heart.

2.       Perseverance

One of the most valuable attributes for any business owner is the ability to just keep on keeping on. There will always be challenges on the road, but as long as you find ways around or over any obstacles you meet you will eventually get to your destination. Think about it! How can someone who never gives up ever really fail?

3.       Passion

If perseverance is the engine that keeps you powering through the tough times, then passion is the fuel that feeds it. We all look outside on some days and find it hard to look beyond the grey skies. Think back to why you started your business in the first place, and what you intend to bring to your community. You’ll soon be up and running again.

4.       Patience

Tempering your desire to succeed should be the patience to do things properly and wait for real results, rather than rushing the process. If you are a dance fitness instructor, you will make a real impression with your members if you take the time to help them through choreography they are struggling with. Also remember to be patient with yourself. If you make a business error (and you will), don’t be harsh on yourself. Every mistake has its value, even if it just means you will never repeat it.

5.       Pluck

When you go into business for yourself, many of life’s certainties suddenly vanish and the sense of freedom can be tinged with a dread of the unknown. That’s just a healthy reaction to venturing into unknown territory, so don’t let it paralyse you; accept the feeling and move forwards with courage.

6.       Professionalism

Being professional doesn’t mean being stuffy, overly formal and unapproachable. It just means you need to adopt a serious and respectful attitude towards your business and its customers. Everything you do must be aimed towards making your street dance fitness business profitable and keeping your customers satisfied (two sides of the same coin!)

Did you pass the ‘Six P test?’ Maybe it’s your turn to book a place on our Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructors Course!

Join The Street Fit Family

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It’s Time for a New Vision With Street Fit

It seems like forever that we’ve been bombarded with messages of doom and gloom from the media. With all the talk about triple-dip recessions, economic depression, rising prices and widespread unemployment, it can be difficult to look on the bright side of life. The situation can feel even worse if you are working for a large company with no power to change the overall direction in which you’re all travelling. This can all change with Street Fit.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and if the credit crunch and everything that came after has got you reassessing your life, then that could just be the start of something special, the first step is our Street Fit Instructor Training course.

A blessing in disguise..

What the past five or so years has taught us is that we can’t rely on an economic system to bring us lasting satisfaction. Even those people who really believe that earning and consuming more will, on its own, bring us more happiness must now understand that there is no such thing as eternal growth. Job security is also seen as an illusion. For many disgruntled workers, redundancy or overwork has led to them leaving the apparent safety of a big company and striking out on their own. Many have been surprised about how fulfilled they feel at finally being able to take control of their own destiny and carve their own life path.

But it goes even further than personal gain and satisfaction:

A bitter taste..

Another result of the economic crisis is that many of us now feel betrayed by those individuals who acted dishonestly in their financial positions. It has made many of us question why we behave the way we do – both in the workplace and in society. Many entrepreneurs start their ventures determined not to repeat those same mistakes, actively seeking to serve their communities in line with their individual talents. Teaching about Dance Fitness, nutrition and the joy of creative movement is just one of the many ways that dance instructors can contribute to improving the lives of those they come into contact with.

If it’s broken…

The best thing about living in these times is that we know there is a problem that needs fixing. We now know we can’t rely on ‘big business’ to look after society for us. We have learned that we all need to pull together to create a society where people act responsibly towards themselves and their fellow humans.

And we don’t need to listen to the naysayers anymore. There are always ways around and over obstacles if we believe in ourselves.  This type of belief is not just wishful thinking – it actually fuels action. As forward-thinking business consultancy ‘Adaptive Edge’ put it: “Individual and collective hope, when grounded in reality, can make us all just a little more responsible, altruistic, collaborative and creative.”

You can help bring the vision to life with a Street Fit Instructor Course.

Writing a Business Plan – the Simple Way With Street Fit

If you’re about to start up a career as a Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructor you might be wondering whether you need to come up with a business plan. Many successful entrepreneurs claim they have never felt the need to formalise their ideas in a written plan, but it is often an advantage to see everything laid out for you in black and white – which is fundamentally all that a basic business plan is.

Why you might want to write a business plan

Writing a formal business plan is a must if you intend to raise lots of money from a bank or investors, but unless you are really ambitious (e.g. you want to buy a studio from scratch and do it up), this will probably not apply to you.

If you want to borrow a small amount from the bank, then they will definitely want to see something written down to show you have put time in to planning the future. Sometimes a simple letter will be enough, but rather than risk rejection, it is better to compose a concise business plan.

Even if you don’t anticipate the need to raise any funds, a business plan is a great way to focus your thoughts and concentrate on the all-important details that can be lost amidst all the excitement. A business plan can also help you to communicate your ideas to others, whether that is for feedback or promotional purposes.

What goes in a business plan?

If you look around the Internet you will find a variety of templates and guides to creating a business plan, and the important thing to remember is to try and keep it tight and comprehensive. If you find yourself exceeding ten pages of A4, you are probably being more detailed than you need to be.

In a nutshell, your business plan has to explain what your business does, how you are going to set it up and run it, how much money needs to be invested in it and how much are you going to make from it; that’s pretty much it.

An example structure

There is no one way to write a business plan, but here is a structure that should suit most Street Fit Dance Fitness Course Instructors.

1.    What does your business do? One to two sentences is sufficient, and should be interesting enough to spark a reader’s interest.
2.    What makes you different from similar businesses? (Hint: being certified in a unique fusion of street dance fitness).
3.    What are your long-term targets?
4.    Do you intend to borrow any money? If so, how much and when do you expect to be able to pay it back?
5.    Who are you and where did your idea come from?
6.    Who is your competition (put something down – even if it is the latest line in console fitness games).
7.    A summary of local/regional trends in your market (half a page is fine).
8.    Resources needed (such as staff and premises).
9.    Your marketing strategy – how are you going to promote yourself?
10.    Your financial forecasts (profit and loss and cash flow projections for three years are standard). There is a handy guide on these forecasts at https://www.gov.uk/forecast-business-finances.

Once you’ve written your business plan, make sure you review it occasionally to take into account any changes in circumstances or feedback. A business plan is a living document and many business owners create several versions as their business develops.

Street Fit – More Top Motivational Tips

A little while ago Street Fit® passed on our seven top motivational tips complete with quotes from those who really made a mark on life. Whether you’re already working in the Dance Fitness industry or just pondering the idea, here are some more tips to keep you going through the winter months.

1.    Don’t wait for life to come to you
There are some people who are content to sit and wait for good things (or even bad things) to happen to them. Then they wonder why their life doesn’t change. If this sounds a little like you, listen to the wise words of singer and force for change Bono: “The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for us to hammer it into shape.”

2.    You have enough to succeed
In terms of material support, you can make your way to the top with surprisingly little. Poet and entrepreneur Felix Dennis certainly had little going for him – in material terms – before he struck gold:
“If I did it, you can do it,” he said. “I got rich without the benefit of a college education or a penny of capital. I went from being a pauper…without even the money to pay the rent, without a clue as to what to do next, to being rich.”

3.    Realise security is often a myth
Are you waiting for everything to feel safe before taking the plunge? Are you too comfortable with a ‘secure’ lifestyle to take any risks – no matter how small? If so, take note of these pearls of wisdom from American author and activist Helen Keller:
“Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

4.    Believe in your class; don’t forget to tell them!
You may be technically the best Street Fit Dance Instructor Course Trainer in the business, but to keep motivational levels (and attendance) high you need to make your members feel good about themselves. When you recognise achievement don’t keep it to yourself; praise goes a long way. As German writer, artist and politician put it: “Instruction does much, but encouragement everything.”

5.    Think about the greater good
Former president Bill Clinton once said: “Let us all take more responsibility, not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our country.”
When you’re in need of a boost, remind yourself of the wider benefits of helping people to discover (or rediscover) the joys of fitness. Helping to encourage your community to embrace better health is one of the best ways of serving your nation.

Working in the Dance Fitness industry is hughely rewarding, take the first step with one of Street Fit Dance Fitness Instructor Course today.

Take the First Step with Street Fit – Hope is the answer (but only half of it)

There is little doubt that anyone who wants to find success in the Street Dance Fitness Industry is going to need to go into it with an attitude of hope – otherwise why would they get out of bed every morning? There’s nothing that stifles ambition more than taking an overly gloomy perspective on everything. Some people maintain that their depressive outlook is more ‘realistic’ than pessimistic, but there are many people out there who have achieved success against the odds, so the naysayers can’t always get it right. Make sure you achive success and beat the odds with Street Fit.

Hope is not an action

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a brighter future, hope can only provide half of the answer. As we mentioned before, hope is an attitude but it doesn’t actually achieve anything in its own right. Living purely in hope is akin to those people who bury their heads in a romantic book and dream about the man (or woman) of their dreams waltzing into their lives. It could happen that way, but it would be far more likely (and happen more quickly) if they were to put the book aside and concentrate on starting the process of meeting new people.

In a similar way, a new business venture requires a sound strategy, with hope at its foundation, if it is to bear fruit. If you are looking to get started in the dance fitness industry, then a Street Fit Licence is a good practical base on which to begin building your future life.

But sailing through your Street Fit® Instructor’s course and sitting at home waiting for members to hunt you down will leave you sorely disappointed. Certification is only the first step in the process and you will need to actively promote yourself and the Street Fit® brand if you’re going to get feet in the door.

Learn to walk first

If you are daunted by the thought of all the things you will need to do to run your business, remember that you don’t have to go into things full throttle. For example, if you’re nervous about self-promotion, you can start by just talking to people you already know. Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to generate buzz, and you will soon build up the confidence to start approaching strangers. Just as in ‘the Hare and the Tortoise’, persistence will win out, so make a pledge to do a little each day rather than burn yourself out in one go.

The little successes that come to you will then go towards strengthening your initial foundation of hope, and so the cycle continues.

Give the Gift of Hope With Street Fit®

There are so many benefits of becoming a Street Fit Instructor, and it is natural to focus on what we can personally gain from attending the course and obtaining a licence – enhanced fitness, a body to envy, increased energy, better health and, of course, increased earning potential.

But in addition to these personal benefits, becoming a Street Fit® Instructor also allows you to do something very special: give the gift of hope to others.

Hope for Better Health

Many people looking to take up fitness classes do so because they are unhappy about certain aspects of their health. They might be lacking in energy or stamina, carrying a few extra pounds or just generally feeling out of shape.

When they start experiencing results from their Hip Hop Workout® their whole life outlook can start to change dramatically. As their energy levels rise, they will feel more empowered to achieve the things they want in life. Maybe that job or promotion they never had the confidence to go for becomes that bit more appealing.

Hope for Fulfilling Relationships

Single members who feel unfit and out of shape may have avoided dating, or even going out at all, because they see themselves as unattractive. Along with the improvements in health and vitality, Street Fit® members will develop more trust and confidence in their own bodies which will make them more attractive to potential partners! We are social creatures, and some people might join a Street Fit® class to meet other people with a similar interest. The bonds that develop in a Street Fit® class can lift people out of loneliness and enrich their social life.

Hope for a New Life

Some people who attend a Street Fit® class will themselves have aspirations to become instructors one day.  The benefits you enjoy – both in terms of lifestyle and health – will serve as inspiration for them. By following your own dreams and defying convention, you give others the permission to do the same.

Hope for the Future

One of the greatest gifts anyone can give to society is to coach the younger generation into valuing their health and upgrading their expectations in life. A Street Fit Kids® Licence enables Street Fit® Members to take their message of optimism and hope to where it matters most – our schools and young people’s institutions.

Encouraging Hope in your Class

To be a successful Street Fit Instructor, you will need to instil hope from the top down. In other words, it’s up to you to set the social and emotional tone of your class. You can do this by being attentive and patient to your class members and encouraging them when they overcome hurdles or exceed expectations. Remember – you are a role model, and your members will be sensitive to any praise or criticism that comes from you.

Reaching your personal goals is rewarding in its own right. But there’s no better feeling than being able to reach back and help others achieve their dreams too.