Dance Fitness Training – Join The Street Fit Family

A big well done to everyone who attended another successful dance instructor course in London this weekend with our dance fitness trainer Geri.

These are the names below:

  • Courtney Box
  • Abigail Steed
  • Katie Collins
  • Sarah Beaumont
  • Natalie Higgins
  • Stacey Evans
  • Claire Norman
  • Liv Oistad
  • Marianna Sokhan

Dare to dream big and change your life today by booking onto a dance training course, once you’ve got your dance training certification these are just some of the amazing benefits you can hope to see:

– You can earn extra money
– You can be your own boss
– You can improve your confidence and stay in Killer Shape!
– And…You can help people…Have a lot of Fun, Feel More Confident, and Get in Shape.

Next weekend Street Fit heads to Manchester for another great dance training course! Don’t miss out, book YOUR place today and earn your dance training certification.

Break the Routine – for Good!

Sometimes we get so used to the daily routine that it can become almost invisible. Then when we return from a holiday – or even a long weekend – we remember how restricting it is to have to get up early in the morning, travel to our place of work or study, put in a day’s shift and then travel back again. If we’re lucky, we might have enough energy left in us to spend an hour or two doing something we enjoy such as a Dance Fitness class before repeating the pattern the next day – and the next.

Have we got it the wrong way around? Yes, we all need to make a living, but sometimes we get so used to thinking of our ‘job’ and our ‘hobbies’ as separate things that we forget to look for opportunities such as becoming a Dance Fitness Instructor to combine the two. After all, a mixture of talent and intense interest makes for a potent force, one that can be harnessed to bring success.

One thing that can put people off turning their talent into a full-time career is that they can’t get used to thinking of themselves as business people. Perhaps they imagine all business owners to be shrewd number crunchers or suave diplomats and they feel they don’t measure up. In reality, there are all sorts of personality types striking out on their own, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

To start out on the road to a rewarding career in the dance fitness industry, you don’t need to drastically transform yourself into the next Sir Alan Sugar or Deborah Meadon. You only need to add a few essential business skills (like planning, basic book-keeping, marketing and time management) to the skills and dedication you already have, the rest will come with experience. By the time you need to be thinking about complicated accounting, computer databases and the like you will probably be earning enough to employ an accountant or administrator.

How quickly you make the transition from employed hobbyist to self-employed business boss depends on your personal circumstances (how many hours you work, family commitments, financial status, etc.) but by making wise choices with how you spend your time and money (e.g. booking a day off work and investing the £285 to get your Street Fit® Dance Fitness Licence), you can start taking the little steps that will one day put you in the enviable position of being able to ditch the routine once and for all.

Join The Street Fit Family

This weekend we had two Street Dance Fitness Training courses running simultaneously, one in Essex and one in Leeds. One of newest trainers Syreeta headed over to Essex to put some new recruits through their paces and show them what it takes to be Street Fit.

Syreeta attended a Street Fit Dance Fitness course back in January of this year, fast forward to today and Syreeta has been all over the country including heading to Belfast, training the next group of Street Fit instructors who are just like you. Why wait, join the Street Fit family today and this could be you? Don’t put it off till tomorrow; if Street Dance is what you love, then change your life today. As Street Fit continues to grow and conquer Europe and we’re looking further afield to Australia, we will need more Street Dance Fitness trainers to help us in our journey, this could be you.

Take the first step like Syreeta has and our newest recruits in Essex did this weekend and join the Street Fit family today.

Street Fit® – The Newest Recruits

Another very successful Street Dance Fitness course this weekend in Leeds saw 8 fresh faces join the Street Fit family. Nicola, one our seasoned Street Dance trainer went to Leeds to put the newest recruits through their paces.

The course had 100% pass rate with great feedback all around, the Street Fit takeover continues with Street Dance Fitness courses running up and down the country every weekend.

Street Fit is building up momentum and this is the best time to get involved, get that summer body you’ve always wanted, be your own boss, love what you do and do what you love. All this could be possible, all you have to do is take the first step and attend a Street Dance Instructor course today.