A Light in the Dark

Do you hope for a better future?

The word ‘hope’ is not often associated with business and, when it is, people sometimes connect it with a lack of commitment to getting results. ‘Hope is not a strategy,’ is a common phrase heard in action-orientated workplaces and it is perhaps true, for example, that many people who ‘hope to set up a business’ never get around to taking the actual steps necessary.

As an attitude though, hope is much-needed at the moment, to combat the waves of pessimism and cynicism coming at us from all angles. Job losses, service cuts, obesity on the rise…it’s a wonder we make the effort to get out of bed in the mornings.

A hopeful disposition can actually inspire us to take action, rather than succumbing to the paralysing effects of despair. Martin Luther King knew this when he urged black Americans to ‘hew out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope’. With hope we can bounce back from setbacks and start each day expecting to succeed, rather than fearing failure.

With inflation starting to fall, and accountancy and business advisory firm, BDO, revealing an increase in business optimism between December 2011 and January 2012, there are encouraging signs for those looking to start a new venture this year.

A Source of Hope

As fitness instructors, we are also a source of hope to others. When life is unfulfilling it is understandable that many people stop doing the activities they once enjoyed and turn to comfort foods to cope. When the pounds start to pile on it takes a huge amount of motivation and endurance to turn the corner back to a healthy life.

You can become a role model to these people, giving them hope for the future: hope that they can regain control of their bodies; hope that they will avoid ill health and reach a good age; hope that other people will start looking twice at them.

By helping individuals to change, you are also helping society itself to change. A successful fitness industry is not only beneficial to the economy for the tax revenue it generates, it will also have a positive effect on the health service. In May last year, the Prime Minister David Cameron announced that obesity was costing the taxpayer £4 billion a year. This is not just the cost of treating obesity alone, but includes the health conditions where obesity is often a contributing factor (especially Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease).

Ultimately, by becoming a fitness instructor you can play your full part in a campaign which refuses to give up on our communities as places where we can earn what we’re worth, find fulfilment in the things we enjoy and live long, healthy lives.

And if you are still finding it difficult to motivate yourself under the weight of all the bad news, there is an old proverb worth remembering:

‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn’.


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