Why SF® Academy?

If you’ve ever looked into (or even just thought about) running your own dance school, you may have been put off by some of the costs involved, not to mention the investment of time and sheer hard work involved – and that’s before you even open your doors to the public!

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SF® Academy is different.

We’ve designed the set-up and launch process to be as accessible, pain-free and efficient as possible while providing the impeccable marketing, corporate and moral support we are renowned for.  Of course you will need to work hard to reach the top, but rather than putting all your efforts into reinventing the wheel, SF® Academy provides the vehicle – you just need to drive it!

A flexible concept.

With SF® Academy you will be blessed with the best of both worlds: You get the freedom to design your own prospectus and schedule, based on your vision and areas of interest, and built around your life. You also get the backing of a powerful and established brand, complete with extensive learning resources and a network of switched-on Street Fit® Instructors and dance fitness enthusiasts.

Our crisp, modern logos – customised to incorporate your business name – and hi-res video and audio marketing materials are tailor-made to appeal to new customers while keeping existing members engaged. These are the two key factors you will need to master to thrive in the lucrative dance fitness industry.

We won’t clip your wings.

We think SF® Academy is a breath of fresh air in an industry blocked up with bloated franchises and imitative imports. Many of these business models charge eye-watering prices and stifle true creativity with random legal restrictions and restrictive course structures.

We at Street Fit® are confident in the calibre of our Instructors – after all, we trained them – and impose only minimal sensible restrictions to the use of SF® Academy licences. We are as excited as you are to see what you can do when you combine your inspired vision with our trusted seal of approval.

If Street Fit® gives you your wings, SF®Academy lets you fly…

SF® Academy Packages