Pick ‘n’ Mix: The Hybrid Instructor

Not just a dance instructor

Back in the Seventies and Eighties, when aerobic dance was becoming established as a commercial success, most instructors had enough on their plate learning the fundamentals of their chosen form, attracting customers and coming up with choreography. In today’s fickle, high-paced market, the rules have changed.

Enter the hybrid instructor. Today’s professionals in the dance fitness business need to know more than ever before as the previous division between dance instructor and personal fitness trainer becomes increasingly blurred. The terminology has also changed: the term ‘aerobics instructor’ is rarely heard now, with many fitpros marketing themselves as ‘group fitness instructors’.  Dance instructors now need to have a good understanding of physiology and motivational techniques, etc. which is why Street Fit® Instructors are encouraged to take advantage of monthly membership to access exclusive content and build upon the strong foundations built during the Instructors’ course.

What value can you add?

Understanding the changing requirements of fitness professionals will give Street Fit® Instructors the advantage over competitors who think it is enough to learn the moves and perform in front of a class. In a previous post, we talked about the increasing popularity of small group training and this is the ideal platform for demonstrating your knowledge of how diet, exercise, posture and mental attitude combine to enable people to reach their fitness and weight loss goals. Adding extra value to your classes in this way will go a long way towards building a loyal and committed customer base.

Of course, you should never overstep your boundaries and claim expertise in areas you have no real qualifications in, but it may be worth considering taking on extra training once you are pulling in a decent income; after all, you can usually claim the costs back against tax as an allowable expense.

Other ways to mix it up

Even if you prefer to stick to being a great Hip Hop Workout® leader, with minimal involvement in fitness training, there are other was in which you can diversify your portfolio and make use of non-dance skills. For example, if you are interested in the latest technology, you could explore the possibility of offering dance classes over the internet or creating DVDs. If writing is your forte, you might enjoy setting up a regular dance fitness blog and/or newsletter. Are you knowledgeable about diet and nutrition? Perhaps you could provide recipes or diet tips for your members.

The important message to take home is that the age of the hybrid instructor is upon us, and you need to make use of every opportunity to keep up with the best.

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